WWE is planning a big end for Crown Jewel

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WWE is planning a big end for Crown Jewel

The feud on which the WWE is currently engaging the most, in the company's rings, is certainly the feud between the Universal champion, Roman Reigns and his next Crown Jewel challenger: Brock Lesnar. Between the two, the first sparks arose at the end of Summerslam, where Lesnar had returned by surprise after a year and a half of absence, after his last fight arrived in the ring of Wrestlemania 36 ​​when he had lost the WWE title alongside the trusty Paul Heyman.

In all this year and a half of absence, however, the long-time manager of Lesnar is suited to join the Tribal Chief of Smackdown, leaving vacant the place alongside Lesnar, who on his return went face to face with both Reigns and his old manager, which still has not been well understood on the side of who he really is.

According to insiders around the Stamford company, WWE plans to propose the match between Reigns and Lesnar several times in the near future, so Crown Jewel will be just the first of a long series, which could probably go as far as Wrestlemania 38, next year.

The latest news on 2021 Crown Jewel

Brock Lesnar will face Roman Reigns for the Universal title at WWE Crown Jewel next week. It is being said that this will be the first in a series of matches between the two men in the coming time.

There is speculation that the end of the match might be a non-finish. As reported and hypothesized by Dave Meltzer in the latest update of the Wrestling Observer, it seems that WWE has serious intentions on the final of the next PPV on October 21st, with the well-known journalist who in fact stated: "The show is built around Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar for the Universal title in the first match and it is expected that there will be a series instead.

The ending will be interesting. There are several ways to get Lesnar to beat and then have an open rematch and WWE would have no qualms about having a 'non-final' ending to his match." Apparently, WWE may have plans to stage a very particular final for the first match between Brock Lesnar and this Roman Rigns top heel of the company, with a long series of clashes that could therefore see the Tribal Chief come out as a champion, even from the great federation event in Saudi Arabia.

The report also stated that there is a chance that WWE will decide to have Brock Lesnar beat Roman Reigns at the show in Saudi Arabia. A win for Lesnar would mean the two men will face each other again down the road.