*Spoiler* Huge match confirmed by WWE for Raw

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*Spoiler* Huge match confirmed by WWE for Raw

One of the most important WWE characters on the world pro-wrestling scene in recent years is undoubtedly the daughter of the two-time WWE Hall of Famer, Ric Flair: Charlotte Flair. The girl, who in a few years of her career has already achieved an innumerable amount of world titles won, with her father's record that seems to become more and more within her reach, has recently ended a feud with Alexa Bliss, completely destroying her character, after seeing her for months using supernatural powers given away by the company's Fiend, later released.

Now it seems that the challenges for Charlotte are becoming more and more serious, with the next opponent of the champion of Monday Night Raw, who seems to have been confirmed by the WWE and goes by the name of the former Smackdown Women's Champion, Bianca Belair.

After seeing her defeat in Summerslam, where Bianca had been pinned in a few seconds by Becky Lynch, the WWE EST will go to the chase for the world title of the red show, right in the next episode of Raw.

Raw: Bianca Belair vs.

Charlotte Flair for the title

In conjunction with Smackdown on this Friday, WWE wanted to communicate this great match that will be broadcast on Monday evening: Obviously, such a match is quite unusual for a simple weekly episode of Raw, but WWE had to come up with something to combat the continuous decline in ratings, which during the past week caused an even more serious decline in ratings than usual.

due to the concomitance with American football in the same time slot. Just like every fall, WWE has to fight with Monday Night Football, which leads many fans to choose programs dedicated to that other type of sport, snubbing pro-wrestling instead.

To try to keep up with the MNF season, WWE is devising big feuds and big matches to be broadcast every Monday night, as happened a few weeks ago, when we saw Roman Reigns appear with his cousins ​​on Monday Night Raw, in two matches against Big E and then also against Bobby Lashley.

When this WWE RAW match was announced, even Drew McIntyre, the ultimate company guy, posted a sarcastic Tweet because of how unexciting it sounds. The only reason for this rematch to happen is to drive this story onward, potentially with a major surprise.

Could Big E turn heel on this week's episode of WWE RAW in the ultimate twist? What if Big E turns heel ahead of WWE Crown Jewel through? Think about it. He will be separated from the rest of the New Day in the draft so doesn't need the pancakes anymore, and can potentially mix it up with the likes of Finn Balor, Rey Mysterio and in time, maybe even Edge.