Roman Reigns reveals how long he will still be fighting

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Roman Reigns reveals how long he will still be fighting

Roman Reigns successfully defended his Universal Champion title against Edge, Daniel Bryan, Finn Balor and John Cena, but perhaps the toughest challenge awaits him. The 'Tribal Chief' will in fact meet Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel, the highly anticipated event that will be staged in Saudi Arabia next Thursday.

The Beast made its return to WWE in the SummerSlam 2021 finale, shocking Reigns himself, who had just beaten John Cena in the main event. Paul Heyman's role will be decisive in the match's economy, given his history with the former UFC star.

During a long interview with 'Complex', Roman was asked to provide some updates on his future plans. The former Shield member is having the best moment of his career, as well as finally getting the right recognition from fans.

Roman Reigns on his WWE future

"I think we are exactly in the middle of our current schedule, so I intend to finish the job in the best possible way" - explained the Universal champion. “As for my future, there are no certainties at the moment.

I could keep fighting for another year or maybe five more, I have no idea. I don't care what will happen in the future, I let time take its course. Inside me, I still feel the desire to perform at the highest level. Then of course there will be other factors to analyze, such as my physical and mental state” - added Roman Reigns.

Many believe that Roman - once retired from wrestling - will follow in the footsteps of his cousin The Rock and devote himself to the cinema. “Movies are different from wrestling, but they are still a form of entertainment.

It would be great to get into that industry. It would be a magnificent experience that I do not feel excluded in the future. There are many different things that can be done nowadays to stay in touch with people all over the world.

I think the sky is really the only limit." Dutch Mantell sat down with Rick Ucchino and Sid Pullar III on the latest edition of Smack Talk on Sportskeeda Wrestling's YouTube Channel. The trio reviewed the recent episodes of SmackDown and AEW Rampage.

Here's what Mantell had to say regarding the upcoming match between Lesnar and Roman Reigns. "If Roman beats [Lesnar], I think they're gonna have some kind of wild smudge or some kind of stuff and leave it open-ended.

I think people will go for that if they have another little bit of a chapter with Paul Heyman. Since [Lesnar] is the biggest guy that they've had challenge Roman, they're not gonna have him come right out and beat him because where do they go now."