Latest update on Randy Orton's future

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Latest update on Randy Orton's future

Among the superstars who have made the most impact in the modern era of WWE, it's impossible not to mention the name of Randy Orton. The Stamford-based federation immediately believed in the talent of the Viper, who made her debut on the main roster way back in 2002.

After staying in the mid-card for about two years to cut his teeth, Randy became the youngest world champion in WWE history at SummerSlam 2004. Over the next few years, Orton has given way to heated feuds with legends such as Triple H, John Cena, The Undertaker and many other big names.

Turning to the news, the 14-time world champion has formed a hugely successful tag team together with his friend Riddle. In the episode of Raw on August 30th, RK-Bro kept their duo titles by defeating Bobby Lashley and MVP.

On September 13, Randy faced 'The All Mighty' for the WWE Championship and failed to take the win. Many know that WWE Hall of Famer Bob Orton is Randy's father. During a recent interview with Shane Douglas for Appalachian Expose, Bob provided some updates on his son's possible plans.

Bob Orton on his son Randy Orton

"Randy Orton has always been very good in managing his career, I struggle to find a wrong choice on his part" - began Bob. “I see him pretty well, he's in great shape, so the future depends entirely on him.

I'm sure he will want to stay in the wrestling world even after he retires, perhaps to help young talents on the launch pad. He loves this business too much, that's why he will try to get involved in some way” - he added.

Randy Orton is a third generation superstar: his grandfather Bob Orton Sr., his father Bob Orton Jr. and his uncle Barry Orton were in fact professional wrestlers between the 1950s and 2000s. He also has a brother, Nathan, who he is made the author of a short career in mixed martial arts.

WWE has now released a YouTube video documenting RK-Bro’s rise to tag team glory. Speaking out-of-character, Orton explained how he changed his mind about Riddle after initially disliking him in real life. “Once I was around him for a little while, I got to like the guy,” Orton said.

“We have a lot more in common than I thought we would. I definitely respect him and his attributes, but the attitude initially I wasn’t a big fan of. Now it’s almost endearing”. Riddle has been outspoken about several high-profile WWE names in the past, most notably Bill Goldberg.

The Original Bro wrote on Twitter in 2019 that Goldberg was "dangerous" and "unsafe" after he almost injured The Undertaker at WWE Super ShowDown.