*Spoiler* WWE makes another announcement about the upcoming Raw

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*Spoiler* WWE makes another announcement about the upcoming Raw

In recent weeks, the ratings of Monday Night Raw have suffered a lot from the competition of American football, which, like every autumn, stages its best games, with Monday Night Football attracting millions of American fans to follow its exploits, leaving him WWE flag show uncovered by a large audience.

In recent weeks, WWE has had to come up with several tricks to attract audiences to follow his show, such as inviting Roman Reigns to the Raw ring, for a challenge against WWE Champion Big E and his arch-rival, Bobby Lashley.

On that occasion, Roman Reigns even opened and closed the company's Monday night show, so that fans who followed the program just for him from home remained glued.

Update on Monday Night Raw

During the past few hours, the WWE had already announced as Monday night, on Raw, Charlotte Flair will go to defend her title from the attack of Bianca Belair, who will also be included in a match valid for the Smackdown Women's Championship in Crown Jewel, against Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks.

Let's remember how from October 22nd, Bianca will be a Monday Night Raw fighter, due to the Draft aired a few days ago. Now let's see that other matches wanted to add WWE to the card of its next episode of Monday Night Raw, to entice fans to follow the episode live, trying to save its ratings once again.

- Raw Women's Championship match: Charlotte Flair vs Bianca Belair - Xavier Woods vs Jinder Mahal - Doudrop vs Shayna Baszler - Big E & Drew McIntyre vs Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode - Street Profits vs RKBro. We remember how Big E and Drew McIntyre are going to clash at Crown Jewel for the WWE title, so there could be some sparks as early as tomorrow night on Raw, where they will face off against the pair of former Smackdown tag team champions, who also landed on Raw due to of the Draft.

It is no secret that WWE sees a big moneymaker in Omos. Omos is a former Raw tag team champion and is still partnered with AJ Styles. It had been reported that one of the reasons Braun Strowman was released by WWE was because they felt Omos would be able to replace him.

But as per WrestleVotes, WWE wanted to pull the trigger on an Omos singles push during the draft. But some higher-ups in WWE, including a top Raw superstar, got the idea nixed as they believed Omos wasn't ready for a push yet.

WWE had seriously considered breaking the pairing of AJ Styles & Omos during the WWE draft. To the point where that was the plan. Until people of power (including a main RAW talent) spoke up & expressed thoughts on how Omos isn’t quite ready for singles yet. And they actually listened.