Edge appeared on Supersized SmackDown


Edge appeared on Supersized SmackDown

This Friday, the blue show (SmackDown) was in a Super-sized version, in which Brock Lesnar participated and we attended some tournament matches to decree King and Queen of the WWE, as well as the return of Sonya Deville in the ring against her enemy of the last period Naomi and to an all-female main event starring Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks.

The episode opens with the entry of Edge! WWE Hall of Famer Edge appeared on Supersized SmackDown to talk about his match at Crown Jewel. Edge took to the ring before his Hell in a Cell match against Seth Rollins in Saudi Arabia next week.

WWE Hall of Famer Edge appeared on SmackDown

The Ultimate Opportunist takes a seat in the center of the ring and begins by saying that he will never forgive Seth Rollins for staying at his house, then admits that he may have underestimated his rival, but that will never happen again.

At Crown Jewel, however, he will not do like Rollins, he will finish the job in the Hell In A Cell and leave the opponent with a deep scar in the soul. The match between Edge and Seth Rollins will be one of the biggest matches at Crown Jewel.

Both men did an excellent job at delivering their final promos on Supersized SmackDown. Edge is the favorite to win in Saudi Arabia, but Rollins could pull off a big victory to end his rivalry with the Hall of Famer. The clip shows Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman in the ring while Nakamura’s music went off, and he arrived at the arena.

However, that isn’t the most interesting part of the clip. It also shows Pat McAfee being Pat McAfee. Ever since McAfee started doing commentary on SmackDown, he’s done things that Corey Graves or Michael Cole would do. An example is McAfee standing on the announcers’ table while Nakamura is making his entrance.

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