King of the Ring: Finn Balor reaches the final

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King of the Ring: Finn Balor reaches the final
King of the Ring: Finn Balor reaches the final

King Of The Ring Semifinal: Finn Balor vs Sami Zayn. Very balanced match and perhaps exceeds expectations, at least for those who do not know Zayn well and perhaps have only seen him on the main roster. In the final Sami tries to trick Pin with his feet on the ropes, but the referee Jessika Carr notices it.

The Canadian gets lost complaining and Balor scores with the Slingblade / Dropkick combo at the corner then climbs onto the stake ... COUP DE GRACE! NO! Sami moves and tries the RollUp, but Finn doesn't give up, he takes the lead and ...


Finn Balor and Sami Zayn competed in the semifinals

Finn Balor goes to the final, while Zayn predictably won't be at Crown Jewel. Sonya Deville returns to the ring - We have arrived at the moment of Sonya Deville's return to the ring, but the WWE Officer is keen to point out that it will not be a normal match, but a Handicap match.

Naomi doesn't take it very well and things get worse when Sonya's tag team partner shows up. - Naomi vs Sonya Deville & Shayna Baszler. Typical match 2 against 1, with the wife of Jimmy Uso who does not look bad and tries some overturning in the face, but ends up falling victim to the Kirifuda Clutch.

The match does not end in submission, however, with the Queen Of Spades letting go and allowing Deville to get the winning pin. The two men traded some strikes before Balor wiped out Zayn with a dive off the top rope. The Conspiracy Theorist fought back and controlled the match for some time.

He controlled the pace and kept Balor grounded. The Prince fought back and hit a shotgun dropkick to stun his opponent. Zayn caught Balor with a Blue Thunder Bomb and nearly picked up the win. During the segment, Balor says that he doesn’t summon the Demon [his alter ego], the Demon summons him.

He also says that The Usos are doing no good, but adding fuel to the fire. And in the end, he added that at the ‘Extreme Rules’ PPV, Roman Reigns will face Finn Balor’s alter ego: The Demon King. “I don’t summon the ‘Demon’, the Demon summons me.

Now, Roman and his cousins dare to disrespect. It’s just adding fuel to the fire. But Roman will see that the fire that burns inside of me burns much brighter than the fire all around me. You are lucky at the face of Finn Balor, the challenger. At Extreme Rules, you will see the face of the Demon, the Universal Champion”.

Finn Balor Sami Zayn

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