Smackdown: Amazing promo from Sasha Banks

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Smackdown: Amazing promo from Sasha Banks

Promo from Sasha Banks who, from backstage, promises that she will defeat Becky Lynch in the latest episode of Smackdown, and at Crown Jewel, will take back the title. The match of the evening will be worth for the Boss a place in the match valid for the SmackDown Women's Title in the PPV to be held in Saudi Arabia.

- Seth Rollins reaches the ring! The Messiah shows up in a plaid jacket that makes him look like he has just stepped out of the world of Alice In Wonderland and laughs off saying that Edge has convinced himself that he can defeat him at Crown Jewel, but he is better than the opponent in everything and will prove it.

inside a cage.

Amazing promo from Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks competed against Becky Lynch in the biggest match of WWE Supersized SmackDown. The final match of the night gave the WWE Universe something big to look forward to. Seth points out that he has a big advantage: he has been in a Hell In A Cell several times and knows what it means to go into it.

This speech takes me back to the past and I cannot avoid making an unpleasant consideration: dear Seth, reminding the whole WWE Universe of how you managed to get yourself disqualified in a Hell In A Cell match is not a good idea.

That is an indelible wound in the hearts of all of us fans that will never close. The Boss delivered the Three Amigos to Lynch to entertain fans on Supersized SmackDown. The Man did some damage to Banks’ arm by applying a rope-assisted Dis-arm-her.

The two women traded big moves and kept the action ticking for the WWE Universe. Banks delivered a couple of Meteora's but could not pick up the win. Banks forced Lynch to tap outside the ring but could not put her away inside.

In June of 2012, Banks participated in the WWE tryout camp. Following her selection, she made her TV debut on NXT in December 2012. However, her debut match was a loss against Paige. From there to the main event of ‘The Grandest Stage of All’, her journey truly peaked.

The Boss has delivered many memorable matches in her career. But which match does she think is the best? Speaking on the “Just Women’s Sports” podcast, Sasha Banks declared that her NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn match with Bayley was the greatest match ever.

"We’re at TakeOver: Brooklyn, the first time out of Florida and NXT is in front of a large-scale audience. I wanted to show them; first of all, we should have been at the main event. Second of all, I wanted to make sure they remembered this match for the rest of their lives”.