Jinder Mahal opens up on Drew McIntyre

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Jinder Mahal opens up on Drew McIntyre

Over the past few months, a Monday Night Raw ring feud has emerged that has given WWE Universe fans a brief dive into the past, now that Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal have clashed once again in the WWE. Several years ago, in fact, the two were on the same side of the square, when together with Heath Slater, they formed the famous 3MB, which is a fairly ironic stable, which tried to climb the WWE slope with a truly unique and fun style.

After some time, however, both Drew and Jinder, and Heath Slater himself, however, were fired from the WWE, with McIntyre and Mahal, however, managing to return to the scene with the WWE, so as to be able to become even at different times, WWE Champion.

If Jinder Mahal's ascendancy lasted very little, as for Drew McIntyre's, his great success in WWE is only just beginning, with his consecration coming in last year's edition of Wrestlemania and since then Raw's talent, now switched to Smackdown with the Draft, has always remained at the top.

Jinder Mahal on Drew McIntyre

Former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal was in an exclusive interview with Gary Cassidy from Inside the Ropes. In his latest Fightful interview, WWE's Modern Day Maharaja attempted to take credit for Drew McIntyre's success in the Stamford ring by saying: "I got to WWE before Drew.

Then I went back. I became WWE Champion before Drew. I was in the main event all over the world before Drew. I did all these media interviews before Drew. Now Drew thinks he's this average car and all. He doesn't stop saying how important he is on television.

You know what? We have all done it. I was there. We all did it. We all have our turn. I am still doing it. I just don't brag about it. You see Drew McIntyre wearing this dress. Where do you think he got this style? All this swagger, this confidence.

If there hadn't been a Modern Day Maharaja WWE Champion, there would have been no Drew McIntyre. I showed him the way. I showed him it was possible. I gave him self-confidence." WWE concluded the WWE Draft last week. Some of the top WWE stars such as Roman Reigns, Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair, and Edge were drafted into SmackDown and RAW.

However, Jinder Mahal was not announced to be a part of the blue or red brand during night one. Mahal has some history with both brands. He became WWE Champion while he was a part of SmackDown in 2017.