Roman Reigns recalls the greatest injustice of his career

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Roman Reigns recalls the greatest injustice of his career

On 21 October, Roman Reigns will present himself at Crown Jewel as the Universal Champion and his goal will be to be able to defend his title from the onslaught of Brock Lesnar. The latter made his return to WWE in the final juncture of SummerSlam, shortly after the affirmation of the 'Tribal Chief' against John Cena.

The two have given birth to a very intense rivalry, made even more heated by the role of Paul Heyman. The former Shield member has been undefeated for over 400 days and has rewritten several records over the past year. During a long interview granted to 'WWE UK', Reigns recalled the sensational injustice suffered at the 'Greatest Royal Rumble'

Roman was able to inflict a devastating 'Spear' on Lesnar and broke through the cage, but incredibly couldn't celebrate the victory.

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“I feel like I was robbed of my victory that night” - said the Universal champion.

"The goal was to get out of the steel cage through my 'Spear' and I was able to put the plan into action, but the verdict was unfair to me. If I had a special consultant like Paul Heyman in my corner, we could have asked to watch the replay and I doubt things would have turned out that way.

This is one of the reasons why I decided to start a collaboration with Paul Heyman, I wanted to make sure that I would never again suffer such robberies in my career. I broke through a steel cage with a 'Spear' on Brock Lesnar and I didn't come out of Saudi Arabia as a Universal champion, I still can hardly believe it," added Roman Reigns.

Recently, well-known Wrestling Observer Live correspondent Bryan Alvarez highlighted Roman’s attachment to WWE. “Reigns is an athlete who would give his life for WWE. Maybe there are some choices he doesn't agree with, but he always does everything to keep the name of the company high.

We can consider him as a loyal soldier employed by the WWE and its public." The reigning Universal Champion had his special counsel Paul Heyman read the contract to make sure everything was in order. Upon Heyman's confirmation, Roman Reigns signed the contract.

However, when the time came for Brock Lesnar to sign the contract, he signed on the dotted line without going over it. Reigns then mocked The Beast Incarnate for being foolish and not taking the time to read the contract. But to everyone's surprise, Lesnar simply laughed it off and said that he had already gone over the contract earlier in the morning with his "advocate" Paul Heyman.