Seth Rollins creates a controversy

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Seth Rollins creates a controversy

Some of the most important feuds that have occurred in the WWE rings in recent years have seen as the protagonist, the former Shield Archer, Seth Rollins. The husband of Becky Lynch staged great matches against great personalities of the ring and of the history of the company of McMahons, such as Triple H, Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns and many others.

Among the many athletes who fought against the former WWE Champion, there are also several names of characters who no longer work in the WWE rings, such as Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose, who returned to being Jon Moxley from his arrival in AEW.

Just to the two, Seth Rollins referred in his latest promo carried out in the secondary broadcast of the McMahon-owned company, Talking Smack, which airs like every week, after the direct broadcast of the federation's blue show.

Latest update on Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is all set to enter Hell in a Cell to take on WWE Hall of Famer Edge on October 21. Ro has previously competed inside the unforgiving structure three times. Two out of his three Hell in a Cell opponents aren't in WWE anymore: Bray Wyatt and Jon Moxley.

While staging his promo on the microphone against Edge, his current enemy who will go to fight in the Hell in a Cell next Thursday, at Crown Jewel, Seth Rollins wanted to emphasize how some of his previous opponents have disappeared from circulation after having fought against him right in the infernal cage.

At Talking Smack, Seth said: "I've currently spent more time in the cage than Edge. And I am capable of doing very dangerous things inside the cage, compared to him. And if you don't believe me, you can directly ask the boys who have been with me in the cage.

Oh, right... two of the three that have been there, are no longer with us." The reference to the two Superstars who are no longer part of the WWE roster is obviously intended to the present of Jon Moxley and Bray Wyatt outside WWE, with the only remaining opponent of Rollins' past, inside the cage, which is Kevin Owens, challenged in the 2016 edition of the homonymous PPV.

Seth Rollins started a feud with Jon Moxley following the implosion of The Shield in 2014. The feud finally came to an end inside Hell in a Cell at the namesake event. The finish to the match saw Rollins defeat Moxley due to interference by Bray Wyatt.