Carmella explains her decisive role in recent weeks

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Carmella explains her decisive role in recent weeks

SummerSlam 2021 was a special event, with many surprises and two returns that shocked the WWE Universe: obviously, we are talking about Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar. In particular, analyzing that of the Irishman, we know that Sasha Banks gave the hole for her match against Bianca Belair and also wanted to answer the question of a journalist who asked her why she was absent.

This is where Becky came into play and, after a year and a half of absence to become the mother of little Roux, daughter of her and her husband Seth Rollins, she returned to replace the Boss, beating Bianca Belair for the SmackDown title in 26 seconds.

But if you remember correctly the WWE had tricked us by letting Carmella in before her, with the audience sad, desperate and angry that she started booing her, because she rightly expected Sasha Banks. Interviewed by boyfriend Cory Graves in her After The Bell podcast, Carmella talked about that moment at Summerslam.

Carmella explains her decisive role in recent weeks

"It was crazy […] First of all, I was part of this great moment at Summerslam. If my music hadn't started. initially, then I don't think Becky would have gotten the reaction that there was.

I'm about to say it. I know that's arrogant enough to say, but if Becky's music had started first, would she have gotten a great reaction? Of course, she is Becky Lynch. However, when my music started, they were so angry. I walk down the ramp, take my time and enjoy this moment.

So when Becky's music started, she made it so much bigger. I'm proud of that moment." Carmella also said she was excited about her colleagues' Crown Jewel challenge: “I am personally excited for Bianca, Becky and Sasha.

Those girls will steal the show." And she also added: "It's crazy. [...] 'We want Becky, we want Becky,' now we have her, 'Ah, we didn't want her like that.' [...] I'm excited about the match, those girls are going to take the arena down, and I want to see Bianca come out as champion." Carmella is currently going through a rough patch on WWE SmackDown.

She lost in her last 10 matches. Her last win came on the June 4, 2021, edition of SmackDown against Liv Morgan. Carmella went through a character change last year, unsuccessfully challenging Sasha Banks over the SmackDown Women's Title.

Liv Morgan's fans have wanted WWE to push for a while, but it looks like every plea falls on deaf ears. Morgan made her main roster debut in late 2017 alongside Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan.