AEW failed to defeat WWE SmackDown

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AEW failed to defeat WWE SmackDown

It had been several months since WWE had not been on live TV with one of his shows, in conjunction with one of the All Elite Wrestling shows. Until a few months ago, in fact, AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT were broadcast in the same time slot, albeit on two different channels of US TV.

For over a full year, NXT was in fact at the mercy of Dynamite, with the executives of the Stamford company eventually choosing to move the programming day of the third WWE brand, removing it from the competition with the main product of the AEW and completely reforming the yellow show we all knew.

During the evening of last Friday, however, WWE was back in competition with the AEW, when it decided to stage a longer version of Friday Night SmackDown, which lasted a good 2 hours and 30, instead of the usual two hours of the show, with the McMahon-owned federation that had moved from the channel, landing on FS1 and also losing several viewers compared to the episode of the week before.

AEW Rampage failed to defeat WWE SmackDown in overnight ratings on the first occasion when the two shows went head-to-head, albeit for only 30 minutes.

SmackDown registered a viewership of 793k viewers

As reported by the well-known site Showbuzz Daily, which deals with reporting all the rating numbers of the various American TV shows, the Supersized episode of SmackDown's said to have totaled 793 thousand viewers, while Rampage would have stopped at 549 thousand.

For Smackdown, the number is definitely decreasing, given that when it airs on the main FOX channel it always scores at least two million views. With the move to FS1, WWE, therefore, wanted to increase the duration of its show, with the last half hour going in direct competition against Rampage and with WWE wanting to keep that part without advertising, so as to entice it again.

more fans to follow their own show and not that of the competition. Furthermore, according to what reported by the Wrestling Observer, the ratings would change from city to city, with the demographic range ranging from 18 to 49, which has seen its rate fluctuate from city to city for Smackdown and therefore: Chicago: 1.0, Philadelphia: 0.2, Dallas: 0.7, Atlanta: 0.1, Houston: 0.4 and Washington DC: 0.4.

However, Fast National viewership is just preliminary ratings and can be inaccurate at times. The actual numbers emerge on Monday, and fans will have to wait to learn the complete picture of the rating war between Rampage and SmackDown.