Great achievement for Kayla Braxton

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Great achievement for Kayla Braxton

Very often, WWE athletes and insiders manage to achieve truly amazing milestones and records in the Stamford Company's rings or in its backstage, such as a title reign lasting years, like that of Roman Reigns, who it has been going on for over 400 days, or maybe a streak of continuous victories, like that of Asuka, which arrived in her WWE debut or that of The Undertaker's Wrestlemania, which lasted more than 20 years.

Very often, however, those directly involved go to simply celebrate the anniversary of their joining the company. Recently WWE interviewer and presenter, Kayla Braxton was among those who celebrated in this manner. Braxton also wanted to thank the one who let her enter the television screens of the WWE five years ago.

The presenter has been involved in staging shows such as The Bump or Talking Smack for years, together with Paul Heyman and she also takes care of the backstage interviews of the WWE blue show: Smackdown.

Kayla Braxton celebrates her fifth year in WWE

With a tweet posted on the well-known social network, Twitter, Kayla Braxton wanted to congratulate Michael Cole for hiring her five years ago, with a really funny message.

"I want to congratulate Michael Cole on getting me hired on this day five years ago! Everyone go, tag Michael Cole today and tell him what a great decision that was!" If all this were not enough, NXT UK's anniversary was also celebrated, with the same WWE who wanted to thank the great work carried out by the English part of the development show of the company, which saw move the first steps to its European athletes on the 17th of October 2018.

These are the words that WWE wanted to dedicate to NXT UK: “Thanks to the incredible and talented athletes, the hard work behind the scenes and the roars and passion of the NXT UK Universe. From the main event value of the first-day veterans class to the rising stars who make headlines and create historical moments...

this is NXT UK." A day of great achievements that of the WWE yesterday, then. Kayla Braxton has not had the best time in 2020. The WWE backstage interviewer has tested positive for Covid-19 twice in a matter of months and has been one of the first WWE personnel to confess to testing positive, alongside Renee Young, Adam Pearce, and Jamie Noble.

Kayla Braxton also has faced harassment on Twitter, so much so that she had to take a hiatus from the social media platform altogether.