Lacey Evans announces the birth of her daughter

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Lacey Evans announces the birth of her daughter

In the last two years, several of the WWE Superstars have decided to start a family, expanding the one already formed with their respective companions, who could be Superstars of the federation like them or even characters who had nothing to do with wrestling.

After seeing the Bellas both become mothers, with Brie giving birth to her second daughter, while her sister Nikki had given birth for the first time, then it was the turn of Becky Lynch, "The Man" for WWE, who she had been absent immediately after Money in the Bank, for her first pregnancy which was advancing.

In recent months, however, Lacey Evans, a former member of the American army, who was expecting her second child, announced the birth of her daughter. With a beautiful message that Lacey Evans wanted to leave on her Instagram account, the WWE Superstar confirmed that she had given birth to her second daughter, just a few days after the birth of Ronda Rousey, another WWE athlete who became a mother for the first time this' year.

Lacey Evans gives birth to her second daughter

For Lacey Evans, this is the second daughter, always a girl, who brings even more joy to the home for both her older sister and dad. "I realized soon after I got pregnant that because of Covid my family would not be able to be part of the welcome to the world of the second child.

My daughter was just not going to be admitted to the hospital while my husband was going to have a lot of restrictions. I couldn't imagine the little Lady of the house missing this thing. I couldn't imagine the limitations and experience of childbirth we could be in...

so we decided at home. She was born at 4:20 in the recliner. 3 kg and 400 grams. With little Lil and my husband always by my side, all the time. I had to see her reaction. I had to see her smile. It was one of the hardest yet rewarding things she has ever done and she is perfect.

I'll go take a nap now." Becky Lynch recently posted an adorable photo of her daughter Roux. In the picture, Roux is seen trying to get hold of the SmackDown Women's title. Lynch stated in the caption that Roux is the "only lady" who has a chance of taking the title away from her. Evans had an interesting response to the same and hinted at feuding with Lynch in the near future.