Update on Fenix’s Injury

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Update on Fenix’s Injury

Professional wrestlers perform high risk moves in the ring to entertain the fans. These moves can sometimes go horribly wrong. A few dangerous wrestling moves like the piledriver are banned by the WWE. They have caused severe injuries to some wrestlers taking the move.

Unfortunately, we lose some of our favorite wrestlers due to injury. Even a slightly severe injury can shorten the career of a talented wrestler. Wrestlers that use high flying moves are especially at risk of getting hurt! Moreover, some wrestlers choose to work through an injury.

They postpone surgeries that are required to repair damage to their body parts. Lucha Underground Wrestler Fenix suffered an injury at a recent AAW event. The match was finished quickly after the participants found out that he was injured.

He was going for a stunner when he got injured. PWInsider reported that he sustained a stinger. A stinger is a when the nerves of the neck are either stretched or compressed severely. A person usually feels what can be best described as a fire going up and down the arms the leg.

We do not know how bad the injury might be and how much time will he require to recover. He might miss a few events if the injury is bad. Fenix with Pentagon Jr. signed with All Elite Wrestling recently and they might wrestle The Young Bucks at AEW’s Double Or Nothing event.