Rhea Ripley's WWE title was stolen

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Rhea Ripley's WWE title was stolen

Very often it happens that WWE wrestlers get stolen of their personal belongings, especially when they are traveling. It has happened several times throughout WWE history, with some wrestlers losing documents, money, wrestling outfits and even world champion belts, which WWE then had to replace with replica ones, which are the same ones that come.

sold on the company's official shop. After having suffered several thefts, WWE has in fact decided to entrust its champions with replica belts to carry around with them around the USA and the world, only for live shows not filmed by cameras, so that in the event that these belts are stolen, the cost to reproduce them is much lower.

You will surely also remember an episode of Monday Night Raw a few years ago, in which Brock Lesnar showed up with the WWE Championship without the side elements that depicted his logo with the skull, with the WWE that had not in fact, had the opportunity to bring with him the title of the world champion, also entrusting him with a replica belt for live TV.

The current WWE tour this weekend has been a nightmare for Rhea Ripley. As happened to WALTER a couple of years ago or to Natalya, Rhea Ripley would also have disappeared an entire bag containing personal items, including the WWE Women's Tag Team Champion belt, which the athlete holds together with Nikki ASH.

Rhea Ripley was robbed

With two different messages posted for her fans on Twitter, Rhea wanted to warn everyone about her buying her personal items from the web, asking instead to contact her in case they find such items for sale on the appropriate sites.

"If you see any of my items being sold online, please send me the link." *LOST GEAR BAG* My MosherZ of Albuquerque I know this is a stretch but, if any of you have seen a black travel suitcase around Office Boulevard & Montaño rd please hold onto it and let me know.

It has all my gear in it, including my title. Cheers! If Rhea Ripley appears on WWE RAW tomorrow night, it will be interesting to see how they handle that without Ripley having her gear. The championship is something that is easier to cover up as they can simply just use a replica title for the time being.

With any luck, Ripley's bag will be returned to her soon. What do you make of Rhea Ripley's unfortunate situation?