Social media has ruined so many WWE careers

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Social media has ruined so many WWE careers

Over the years, many WWE athletes, as well as several insiders, have been targeted by some fans of the WWE Universe, very often, unfortunately, even with heavy, unpleasant and completely free words. It is now common to hear and see insulting people for free, just because what you see in the rings of the McMahon company or in other places, these people do not like.

Instead of changing the channel or giving themselves to something else, these hotheads prefer instead to vent all their frustration and wickedness against the first unfortunate who comes within range, very often the WWE Superstars, who are the most exposed, as they are best known by the general public.

In recent weeks, even Becky Lynch, Friday Night Smackdown champion, has wanted to lash out against this free wickedness of people, eliminating all the social network apps from her mobile phone, avoiding as much as possible having contacts on social networks, even if unfortunately he has to do it for work.

Social media has ruined so many WWE careers

In the last few hours, even Chelsea Green, girlfriend of Matt Cardona (former WWE wrestler, Zack Ryder), wanted to have her say about the negativity found on social media, saying to Busted Open Radio's microphones: “I already know Matt is going to say he doesn’t care,” Green said.

“And I get that. I never thought I was sensitive. But in this weird world, yes, you do have to think for just a split second ‘is this going to ruin my entire career?’ Because we’ve seen that. In 2020 we saw.

People lost not only their jobs, they lost their partner, they lost their homes, they lost any opportunity to be in the entertainment industry. And that’s real. That’s not just fake f*****g Twitter world. That’s real life.

Perception is reality on Twitter, so you have to be social careful. Do what you want to do, but I feel you just have to give it that extra thought in 2021. ‘Will this ruin my whole f*****g life?’ We are humans and so of course, when we see that one negative comment, that’s going to get to us.

It’s just a matter of how you respond. Do you respond? Well he (Cardona) f*****g responds! I try not to respond but he’ll always respond! Dolph Ziggler has been part of WWE for more than 15 years and in that time he has been known under several different names.

When Ziggler made his original debut with the company he was seen as The Caddie, during a segment alongside Chavo Guerrero, when he was known as Kerwin White. This gimmick was dropped following the death of his uncle Eddie Guerrero in late 2005, which allowed Ziggler to move on to a new character.