Montez Ford is ready for a big push

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Montez Ford is ready for a big push

Following WWE's 2021 Draft, Street Profits are among the few tag teams that have not been split, including Super Brutality, who are currently the duo champions of the women's division. Of course, it must be considered that the two were put together only a few weeks ago, while the Profits are a real tag team.

However, we were very close to seeing them splitting, because PWInsider had reported that WWE had considered splitting the two during the draft, but in the end, they moved both to Raw alongside Bianca Belair, Ford's wife.

Montez Ford has been mixing it up in NXT as the Street Profits are working their way up the tag team division. The fans explode whenever Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins enter the room.

Backstage news on Montez Ford

In September, during an episode of Friday Night SmackDown, WWE sent Montez Ford against Roman Reigns, in an attempt to see how he managed without his own tag team partner.

Unfortunately, he lost by submission, but apparently, the upper floors were very happy with his performance and he could receive a single push in the near future. GiveMeSport said the McMahon company sees the man as a potential top star: "Givemesport also learned that people within WWE have been impressed with Ford's conduct and performance in recent months, which is why which is considered for great opportunities like this." But some do not think it is such a smart move and we are talking about WWE Hall of Famer, Booker T: “We all noticed that Montez Ford has considerable potential as a single wrestler as well.

The guy is really talented, but I don't think Street Profits are ready to part ways. I feel they haven't been together long enough and it wouldn't be a fair move to split them. Such a decision would have a strong impact especially on the career of Angelo Dawkins, who should look for a new position within the company.

I think this tag team is more important for Angelo than for Montez. If they were to break up, Ford would have no problem shining as a single wrestler, while for Angelo Dawkins the matter would prove more complicated." In high school, he was a stand out athlete in track and field.

Montez is now known as one of the most competitive athletes in the WWE Performance Center. He currently claims to have the greatest vertical leap and recently posted a video in which he landed a 62-inch box jump. (That's a little over 5 feet!)