Raw: Jeff Hardy's revenge

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Raw: Jeff Hardy's revenge

Meanwhile, the usual 24/7 title fight continues with R-Truth grappling with Reggie, the first Austin Theory clash to challenge him to a match. R-Truth accepts but says that a friend will get in the ring, that is, it will be Jeff Hardy.

While the ad is making a promo on Goldberg vs Bobby Lashley we get ready for the match. AUSTIN THEORY VS JEFF HARDY Austin Theory starts well, hitting Jeff several times, dropkick of the Charismatic Enigma that sends Austin to the ground.

It was great to see WWE RAW star Austin Theory not get slotted into the 24/7 Championship picture, as it seemed for a brief instant.

Jeff Hardy has produced some glorious moments

With all due respect to Reginald and his merry men, it is certainly a step down for any superstar to be relegated to the division.

Also, the fact that he's winning match after match against Jeff Hardy just establishes this WWE RAW star as a top-tier talent. This is one occasion where we're glad WWE's not going 50-50. On his return from advertising, this time Theory seems to have the advantage but Jeff Hardy starts a sequence of great shots (from applause) and tries to close with his Swanton Bomb but fails and out of nowhere Theory gets the victory with his final move.

At the end of the match, Austin Theory takes the phone to take a picture with Jeff lying on the ground but he gets up and hits the former NXT with the Twist of Fate. This time it is Jeff Hardy who has the last word and then he takes the picture making fun of the opponent.

This was not the first time Hardy faced off against Priest as he was involved in a triple threat match with Preist and Sheamus at Extreme Rules PPV. Unfortunately for Hardy, he lost on both occasions. But this time, he had a message for the WWE fans after his match with Damian Priest on Monday Night Raw.

When asked about his move to SmackDown after the match, Jeff Hardy teased about debuting his alter-ego, Willow, on SmackDown. However, the former NXT star was seen taking part in dark matches before WWE SmackDown. That was perhaps a sign that he will soon get the call up to the main roster.

Eventually, he got drafted to Monday Night Raw on Night One of the WWE Draft 2021. The former NXT star revealed he is a fan of Jeff Hardy and would like to take a selfie with him. While the two were taking the selfie, Austin Theory suddenly turned on Jeff and attacked him.