Raw: Big E and Drew McIntyre take another win

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Raw: Big E and Drew McIntyre take another win

Meanwhile, let's see what happened last week with a recap involving Big E and Drew McIntyre. Backstage Charlotte still complains about Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville's choice to defend the Raw title tonight. BIG E and DREW MCINTYRE VS DIRTY DAWGZ (Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode) Big E and Dolph Ziggler start, initial shots by the champion who immediately changes Drew McIntyre, meanwhile Dolph tries to overturn the match and Big E is attacked in a 2 vs 1.

Raw: Big E and Drew McIntyre take another win

Big E and Drew McIntyre were in a tag team match against The Usos on WWE RAW last week. Things got ugly towards the end and McIntyre nailed the WWE Champion with a Claymore kick.

The creative team booked the two men to team up on RAW once again, this time to take on Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. The match is quite balanced and Drew McIntyre and Big E are struggling to get the better, from nowhere after the publicity, however, we see the WWE Champion close with a Big Ending on Robert Roode.

At the end of the match h*t glances between Drew and Big E. Meanwhile, during a Street Profits promo, AJ Styles and Omos intervene for a chat. Ziggler saved his partner from a splash on the apron, but Big E threw The Showoff into the timekeeper's area.

Roode took control by sending the WWE Champion into the steel steps. They came out and tried to predict the winner between Big E and Drew McIntyre at WWE Crown Jewel PPV. They also gave a warning to both the superstars and said that no matter whoever wins, Roman Reigns is ready for both of them.

But ultimately, they challenged McIntyre and Big E to a tag team match, much to the excitement of the crowd. The four superstars produced a good match as they went after each other. It was Big E who started the proceedings against The Usos.

Drew McIntyre and Big E looked to be in control until the ultimate twist came about. While McIntyre was preparing to hit his Claymore Kick, Big E tagged himself in from behind, much to McIntyre’s annoyance. The feud started between these two wrestlers a few weeks ago, following Big E’s successful title defense against Bobby Lashley.

The WWE champion defeated Bobby Lashley to keep his title. Soon after his victory, McIntyre came out with his sword and pointed it towards him and his championship.