Raw: RK-Bro came out to face The Street Profits

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Raw: RK-Bro came out to face The Street Profits

CEDRIC ALEXANDER VS MANSOOR Mansoor starts well and blocks the opponent, Cedric Alexander reacts with a Suplex and a backbreaker but Mansoor is able to reverse and close with a particular Neckbreaker movement. At the end of the match, a clash between Mansoor and Mustafa Ali with the latter attacking Mansoor verbally and telling him that Crown Jewel will make him lose his desire to smile.

Verbal confrontation via satellite between Goldberg and Bobby Lashley: the former says that he will beat Bobby without problems and that technically he should be arrested for being a criminal, Lashley provokes him and tells him what Gage thinks of all this making the WWE legend even more infuriated.

RK-Bro came out to face The Street Profits on WWE RAW. Randy Orton and Riddle would defend their RAW Tag Team Championships against AJ Styles and Omos on Thursday.

RK-Bro came out to face The Street Profits

Lashley concludes that Crown Jewel will put an end to Da Man's career.

RK-BRO (ORTON AND MATT RIDDLE) VS STREET PROFITS (ANGELO DAWKINS AND MONTEZ FORD) Before the match chat between RK-Bro with the Legend Killer he wants to all costs the victory. Riddle and Montez Ford start with Matt starting well but suffers a small response from Montez who tries in vain to pin.

He continues with a lateral headlock and a Dropkick, tag to Dawkins who slaps Riddle, he responds with a double suplex. Upon returning from advertising there are Orton and Ford in the ring, the wrestler several times champion is unleashed gives the tag to Riddle who continues with a Penalty Kick.

New tag for Orton that seems ready to close, DDT and powerslam but END THE MATCH! Speakers AJ Styles and Omos and RK-Bro win by disqualification. At the end of the match AJ Styles and Omos rage on the next opponents, in particular on Orton.

WWE did well to protect both teams from a clean finish. Styles and Omos needed to stand tall at the end of a segment after being humiliated for many weeks. A match between The Street Profits and the team of Omos and Styles at some point will be interesting.

This week’s Monday Night Raw was a real roller coaster. At first, Randy Orton made known his intentions of being a solo wrestler; not partnering up with Riddle. Then Riddle made his way into the ring and stated that he still hasn’t given up on RK-Bro!

Riddle admitted that when ‘The Viper‘ was gone, he did the RKO in Randy’s honor. But now Riddle realized that he was doing it all wrong! He thanked Orton for showing him how to hit the RKO properly. With his lesson learned, ‘The Original Bro’ felt they should give it another chance.