Raw: Doudrop qualifies for the final


Raw: Doudrop qualifies for the final

We have reached the final part of Monday Night Raw. Here is the semifinal to decide who will be Carmella's challenger to decree The Queen of the Ring. DOUDROP VS SHAYNA BASZLER (Queen's Crown Semifinal) Aggressive part Doudrop pushing the opponent into the corner, Shayna reacts by hitting the opponent's knee, then tries the Kirifuda Clutch but Doudrop reverses and wins the match thanks to a sort of bridge.

Meanwhile, Bianca Belair is backstage with Nikki Ash and Rhea Ripley giving her a formal welcome to Raw.

Raw: Doudrop qualifies for the final

The only reason why Doudrop won this big match is that Vince McMahon, Bruce Prichard, and the rest of the creative team wanted a babyface vs.

heel encounter in the Queen's Crown finals. Also, for Doudrop to get the rub from defeating Shayna Baszler is not a bad decision at all. It just seems like this is far too small a stage for Shayna Baszler to already be losing.

Meanwhile, Finn Balor prepares to face Mace while Xavier Woods is also present, still dressed as a king. FINN BALOR VS MACE Mace's overwhelming start that hits the opponent with a series of blows, Finn Balor comes out of the ring for a second and when he returns he closes in a very short time with his Coupe de Grace.

At the end of the match, Finn Balor and Xavier Woods come face to face with Kofi separating the two and calming them down. Balor tried to go for his signature moves early, but Mace overpowered him with ease. He knocked the wind out of Balor with a few clubbing blows.

The Prince fought back with a double stomp and stayed on top, making his larger opponent pay. Balor then went for the Slingblade followed by a shotgun dropkick. In the end, he hit the Coup de Grace on the big man for the win.

The win wasn’t too impressive, but it positioned Balor as a threat before Crown Jewel. Doudrop faced the relentless Shayna Baszler on tonight’s edition of Monday Night Raw from the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California.

Before competing in the singles competition on the main roster, Doudrop was paired with Eva Marie and fought for the WWE Women’s Tag Team gold. However, it looks like the WWE is showing trust in her abilities and eventually, getting the push she deserves.

Towards the end of the match, Doudrop scooped Baszler for a slam but Baszler turned that into the Kirifuda Clutch, not letting her go. No matter how hard Doudrop tried, ‘The Queen of Spades’ held her down. However, Doudrop rolled back onto Baszler and turns the Kirifuda Clutch into a pin for the win and the shot in the finals. Hence delivering a massive upset to Baszler.