WWE producer denies some Friday Night War rumors with AEW

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WWE producer denies some Friday Night War rumors with AEW

On October 18th, wrestling fans learned of the ratings of the now famous Friday Night War, because as we all know WWE's Friday SmackDown competed with AEW Rampage. In fact, the Stamford-based company extended their show by half an hour, with the latter airing without commercial breaks, which obviously overlapped with Rampage, which usually airs after the blue show.

Obviously, in response, Tony Khan put the Buy-In of Rampage for free on his company's YouTube channel, with an epic match like the one between the two professionals Minoru Suzuki and Bryan Danielson. Overall SmackDown has gained more views, despite the move to FS1 which caused it to lose a lot of viewers for a really good episode, but both shows have gained the same ratings in the 18-49 age group.

While Rampage, he beat SmackDown right during those extra 30 minutes.

Post rating reactions: WWE vs AEW

It was then reported, once all the official news of the case came out, that these had sparked a strong discussion backstage WWE, something written by the now well-known account WrestleVotes and then confirmed by reporter Andrew Zarian: "All I will say is that the news on numbers is a hot topic right now backstage." Here, however, someone decided not to remain silent to read these things, in fact, Hurricane Helms, better known now as Shane Helms, one of the current producers in WWE, made known his through a tweet in response to the Rajah Wrestling News: "As someone who was there, I didn’t hear one word spoken about it.

Not a single word." This week there will be no war between the two wrestling companies, but the next one in its own way, because WWE will return to FS1 and air, immediately after the show, Talking Smack, which will again overlap with Rampage.