Jeff Hardy analyzes the evolution of his character

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Jeff Hardy analyzes the evolution of his character

In recent years, Jeff Hardy has returned to the rings of the Stamford company, after spending a lot of time in independents and other world majors, along with his brother Matt. After winning the WWE world title, Jeff Hardy had moved to the old TNA rings, where despite several problems related to drug and alcohol abuse, he still managed to have several titled kingdoms, including those for the highest laurel of the ' then company of the Carter family.

After returning to WWE and having a successful pairing champion run with his older brother, for Jeff and Matt, things did not go very well, with the eldest of the extreme brothers preferring not to have his contract renewed, to go.

to work in AEW, while Jeff remained in WWE, continuing to lose match after match, week after week, in the Raw rings. Apparently, however, lately, it seems that something is moving around Jeff Hardy, with a possible return to the scene of Willow's gimmick, the wacky crazy maniac seen on the TNA rings, which could also land in WWE.

Latest update on Jeff Hardy

WWE superstar Jeff Hardy was in conversation with Ryan Satin on the "Out of Character" podcast this week. In his latest interview on the Out of Character podcast, the former WWE Champion once again wanted to tease WWE fans by talking about a darker future for him by saying: "It's weird because you know how fast my style has always been, especially since I broke my leg in 2015.

I ended up having a knee operation. I can't jump like before. Things are a lot slower, but that's okay, especially if I keep seeing the paint on my action figures. I never get old. It does all the painting on my face. When I see my action figures, I remember the image I have in my mind, from the day before I proposed it for the first time.

Now I'm just doing my job. but it's time to step back, it's time to come up with something I've been needing for a while because I don't know how long I'll be wrestling again, some kind of dark side of Jeff Hardy I think, has to come out.

I haven't thought about it yet, but I have some crazy ideas. I also wrote a couple. Now is the time to focus more on the character, instead of putting on acrobatic moves, or TLC Match and all those things. I believe there is something inside me that asks to be released."

The trio of Hardy, Styles and Zayn produced what many believed was the match of the year for WWE in 2020. The match was built up to crown the undisputed Intercontinental Champion. The three men put on a stellar show, which involved Jeff Hardy delivering a massive Swanton Bomb from the top of a ladder to Sami Zayn, who was lying on another ladder.

However, Sami Zayn outfoxed his competitors when he locked in Jeff's pierced earlobe to one ladder using a pair of handcuffs. Zayn also cuffed Styles' wrist to a ladder to ensure that he could climb the ladder and win the match.