WWE announces a new match on the Crown Jewel card

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WWE announces a new match on the Crown Jewel card

The WWE is now very close to staging its next ppv, Crown Jewel, from the ring of Riyadh, home to many of the Arab ppvs played by the federation crew in the past. After weeks of construction, with some feuds that have even been going on since before Summerslam.

the Stamford federation has everything ready for its next big event to be staged in front of the Arab principality that has been so fond of McMahon's Superstars for several years now. So far, the event card has brought together huge names from the WWE rosters landscape, with characters who have been missing from the McMahon rings for a while, such as Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar, with both historic athletes taking part in Crown.

Jewel, in two very important matches of the event card, one against the former WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley, in a match without disqualification and the other against the Tribal Chief of Smackdown, with the Universal title at stake.

New details on 2021 Crown Jewel

We are less than 24 hours away from Crown Jewel 2021, WWE's next major pay-per-view in Saudi Arabia as part of their 10-year contract. Although it seemed that WWE had already prepared everything for its event for a few days, the last match was still missing, the official date of which arrived a few minutes ago, with the Stamford team confirming on its social pages, how it will go Also on stage at Crown Jewel is a tag team match between the Usos, pair champions of Friday Night Smackdown and Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin, on the other side.

The thing was revealed by the cameras and microphones of WWE The Bump and left the fans of the WWE Universe quite stunned, because the teams are both formed by heel athletes and above all there was no beginning of a feud between any of them, then the match was totally invented from scratch by the management, thus throwing it into the fray of the PPV card.

Having been called all four athletes for the Arabian ppv, as they will have to support their respective leaders and therefore Roman Reigns and Bobby lashley, the WWE has therefore decided to let them also take part in a contest, so as to be able to warm up the Riyadh audience.

before the actual Crown Jewel card. One of the featured matches on the Crown Jewel 2021 match card is the No Holds Barred battle between Goldberg and Bobby Lashley. The two first met at SummerSlam earlier this year where Lashley won the match after the Hall of Famer was unable to continue due to a leg injury. The All Mighty went on to attack Goldberg's son Gage, and the WCW icon is now back to avenge his son.