Becky Lynch explains the importance of Crown Jewel for women

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Becky Lynch explains the importance of Crown Jewel for women

Interviewed by Brent Brookhouse of CBD Sports, Becky Lynch, the current SmackDown champion who will defend her title this Thursday 21 October against Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks in a Triple Threat Match at Crown Jewel, spoke about the importance of seeing women.

fight in Saudi Arabia. "I think that's the point, it's that that's how things get progressive, allowing women to see what's possible. If it's not something they see often, it's not something they're aware of with the things they can do.

So, I think this is why it is so important. This is probably the biggest match you could have in women's wrestling right now. The fact that it is happening there allows them to see what is possible for, eventually, them too one day." Obviously the wrestlers will have to respect some rules, such as covering their entire body, except head and hands, to fight, because there, women are not allowed to show certain parts of the body, with Bianca Belair who seems to have already studied a plan.

Becky Lynch is ready for Crown Jewel

There are two women's matches set to take place as part of Crown Jewel this year, with the SmackDown Women's Championship on the line as Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks battle it out in Saudi Arabia for the first time.

According to what Fightful Select reported in early summer, which confirmed what was said at the Mat Men Pro, the McMahon company would feel very confident about the relationship between women's wrestling and Saudi Arabia, a country where women are unfortunately still considered much inferior to men.

"WWE sources indicate that they [the company ed.] Don't feel like promoting women's matches in Saudi Arabia is an obstacle now that they have 'broken the barrier.' " We remind you that the first to make history were Natalya and Lacey Evans in a match on October 31, 2019 always at Crown Jewel, the first that saw two women protagonists of a wrestling match in a country still strongly linked to the culture of a dominant man.

Recent rumors have suggested that people behind the scenes are not happy that Becky Lynch has been moved from SmackDown. If The Man is able to walk out of Crown Jewel with her Women's Championship, there is nothing stopping her from being on both brands.

After all, Charlotte is still RAW Women's Champion and isn't set to defend her title before her move over to SmackDown on Friday so she could be pulling double duty on both brands for the foreseeable future.