Vince Russo ends relations with Vince McMahon

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Vince Russo ends relations with Vince McMahon

Between the historic booker ex WCW and WWF, Vince Russo and the current WWE, by now the relations would not be exactly the best, with the famous insider who would have tried in every way to change the federation and his way of booking athletes, even in recent years, criticizing as much as I can the moves of the Stamford-based company management, being hated by everyone: executives, wrestlers and fans of the company.

A bit like Dave Meltzer, over the years, Vince Russo has attracted the dislikes of an increasingly large slice of the WWE Universe audience, who now believe little in the words of the two, especially because every day there is always an attack fresh and new on the number one company in the world, which does nothing but discredit the journalist and the former booker, now enchanted as a broken record.

Furthermore, with his latest tweet, Vince Russo would have liked to end all relations with Vince McMahon, after having participated in a documentary on WWE and American pro-wrestling, which would have changed his ideas about WWE and his patron.

Vince Russo slams Vince McMahon

After unsuccessfully trying to get a contract with USA Network and FOX to act as WWE show analyst, a bit like CM Punk did at WWE Backstage, but without success, Vince Russo posted this tweet on his personal page of the well-known social network: "After knowing Vince McMahon for 30 years and having great success with him during my WWE experience yesterday, he and I had our FINAL EXCHANGE.

It is an unfortunate and sad story in several ways, but, the closure is good. I'm not willing to argue now, but I will be. Where?" With a rather cryptic tweet, Vince Russo announced that he had expressed his last thoughts towards Vince McMahon, only to not discuss or contact him anymore, with a closure that came after years of collaboration, which will be certainly the result of something specific.

In 1972, McMahon bought the company from his own father and built his empire. His vision truly transformed the wrestling business, back when promoters had their own territories. McMahon unified all of American wrestling and broadcasted it directly into people’s homes!

Then came the WrestleManias, Monday night RAWs and the television rating wars with WCW. From filing for bankruptcy in 1976 to becoming a billionaire in the 1990s, his is a true rags-to-riches success story. Now for such a rich guy, it isn’t surprising that he has a wide range of luxurious belongings. The guy rides a limousine to his office, has a private jet and a yacht.