Vince Russo on Eva Marie's stint with the WWE

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Vince Russo on Eva Marie's stint with the WWE

Crown Jewel Pay Per View was in Saudi Arabia but wrestler Eva Marie wasn't present. The beautiful athlete has been the protagonist in the last few weeks of a sort of downsizing and since the day of her return, the leader of the Eva-Lution has never been considered in a big way.

She was defeated against Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam and was humiliated in the feud that saw her gradually break away from Doudrop, a wrestler who will instead challenge Crown Jewel Zelina Vega in the final match for the crown.

During the last episode of Sportkeeda Wrestling's Writing, former Raw booker Vince Russo spoke with Dr. Chris Featherstone and the two discussed Eva Marie's love for wrestling.

Vince Russo on Eva Marie

Speaking about how the wrestler was crushed in the recent feud involving Doudrop, Vince Russo said: "Guys I think Eva Marie really loves this business.

Every interview that I hear her talk about I see that she loves wrestling and I believe that for this reason, she wanted to come back " On the other hand, already recently Vince Russo had criticized the WWE and in particular the McMahon family for the push given to Doudrop rather than precisely to Eva Marie.

During the last episode of Legion of Raw Vince Russo criticized the rise of the former NXT UK superstar: "You know it's nothing, I have absolutely nothing against Doudrop but I have seen this thing carefully. WWE has both Doudrop and Eva Marie and do you think who is more marketable between the two? I have nothing against Doudrop but it is absurd to put her next to Eva Marie, who has the best resume? In how many films has Doudrop been and in how many Eva Marie? I don't understand why the company is so taken by Doudrop rather than Eva Marie."

Russo detailed how WWE has lowered Eva Marie's stock since her return to the company. He complained that Eva's dismal booking on RAW did not benefit any other superstar either. Russo indicated that WWE had lost its touch of creating new stars and the booking did not make any business sense.

Here is what Russo had to say about Eva's booking: "We talk about Eva Marie. You're gonna tell me regardless of what money she was making, you're gonna tell me the last three months we saw of Eva Marie on TV did not lower her stock? What is the benefit? This isn't the old WWE.

See again bro, a lot of this comes down to being marks for the business. Because business-wise, strictly business, makes no sense," Russo said.