*Spoiler* Edge defeated Seth Rollins

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*Spoiler* Edge defeated Seth Rollins

In the 2021 edition of Crown Jewel, which is airing right now on WWE Network around the world and on Peacock TV in the US, there was also time to stage the latest clash between the Rated R Superstar Edge and the Messiah of Friday Night Smackdown, back in the ring of the red show tomorrow, just like his opponent, Seth Rollins.

The two have been seeing it in the rings of the McMahon-owned company for several weeks already, with their first big fight that arrived in the ring of Summerslam, the last big Big Four event of the Stamford-based company.

After another fight that arrived in Smackdown, WWE decided to close the accounts at Crown Jewel, in the rings of Riyadh, where Seth Rollins and the Canadian WWE Hall of Famer would have clashed in a Hell in a Cell, which for the first time in years, it would have been staged in a normal ppv and not in the homonymous ppv built specifically by WWE years ago.

Edge beat Seth Rollins

After witnessing a very bloody match, where Seth Rollins seemed to be able to master it from the beginning of the dispute, the former WWE Champion, winner of this year's Royal Rumble edition, triumphed, with Edge who after suffering several bad blows, including a table smashed with his own back and a kick that came straight in the face with chains tied to his opponent's foot, he instead climbed the slope and beat his opponent with his fearsome Curb Stomp.

Instead of using his Spear now consolidated over years and years of career, Edge has in fact preferred to hit his opponent with a Curb Stomp, which we remember being the finisher of Rollins, with the head of the former Shield Archer resting on a chair, in a sort of reinterpretation of Edge's famous Con-Chair-To, which ended the quarrel with Rollins.

After weeks of feuding, therefore, Edge puts an end to the clashes with Seth Rollins, after the latter had even entered his house, while his wife Beth Phoenix and his children were fortunately absent, in one of the last episodes of the blue show.

The storyline has been perfect and deserves a memorable end. We have seen Rollins talk about his infamous HIAC match against The Fiend and labeling it as the reason behind the change in his gimmick, the comparison between his and Edge's career, and the Rated-R Superstars' fairy-tale return to the ring.

Moreover, they made the feud as personal as it could get ahead of WWE Crown Jewel and topped it off with one of the most brutal in-ring bouts that we have seen in a while.