*Spoiler* Who won the Queen's Crown Tournament?

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*Spoiler* Who won the Queen's Crown Tournament?

Crown Jewel, yet another WWE Arabian ppv, is airing in these hours and the Stamford-based federation has finally come to the end of multiple feuds that have lasted for weeks and months, with several great characters of the McMahon-owned company rings that will clash for the last time, one on one in the ring of Riyadh, in front of the Saudi public.

If just a few minutes ago we saw Edge put an end to the feud against Seth Rollins in a Hell in a Cell held outside the ppv of the same name, with the WWE Hall of Famer managing to defeat his opponent, who will now find himself anyway.

Raw from tomorrow, with its own Curb Stomp, women have thought of making history in Riyadh, with WWE crowning its very first Queen of the Ring, after years of only kings. In fact, the final of the first historic WWE Queen's Crown Tournament was staged at Crown Jewel, with Doudrop and Zelina Vega who had reached the final after beating respectively two athletes in their rosters, one engaged in Monday Night Raw and the other to Friday Night Smackdown.

In a match that seemed to be only one-sided, the wife of former WWE wrestler, Aleister Black (who's currently in force at AEW), overturned all predictions, going to beat her opponent who could do nothing against her lightning roll-up.

Zelina Vega won the Queen's Crown Tournament

After vowing to become Queen of the Ring for WWE, Zelina Vega kept her promise, crowning herself after the match, complete with cape and scepter, (and of course with her body completely covered for the Muslim laws of the place).

thus consecrating her in the golden rolls of the Stamford company, which from this year, in addition to having a new King of the Ring every year (or almost), will also have her very personal Queen, who in this case is not Charlotte Flair, at least not for this year, who knows in the future.

Zelina Vega even asked everyone else to kiss her ring and bow down to their majesty. "I told each and every one of you that I was meant to be Queen and now, all of you will have to kiss my ring. It's amazing because it was obvious from start.

From Queens, New York, I was meant for this from the start." At Crown Jewel, Zelina Vega and Doudrop had an interesting back-and-forth match. But by the end of the bout, it was Vega who stole the show at Crown Jewel and eventually ended up winning the title of Queen's Crown against her opponent.