*Spoiler* Surprise ending between Ali and Mansoor

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*Spoiler* Surprise ending between Ali and Mansoor

Mansoor Vs Mustafa Ali: Mansoor's usual sop to this event, which has increasingly become the Undertaker of the Crown Jewel. As it turned out, Mansoor wins again and extends his streak at 4-0 thanks to a nice SPRINGBOARD NECKBREAKER !!!

Mustafa Ali doesn't take it well and attacks Mansoor !!! Soon after, a guy I have never seen in my life arrives and hits the former Retribution leader and helps raise Mansoor! This handsome man is called TAREG HAMEDI and he is a karate champion (then I can't tell you more).

Amazing match between Mansoor and Mustafa Ali

WWE superstar Mustafa Ali took to Twitter to commemorate his match against Mansoor after Crown Jewel. Ali and Mansoor tore the house down during their singles matchup. Their bad blood began after Ali assaulted Mansoor on RAW, breaking up their partnership to set up the match.

During the match, Ali used his in-ring experience to keep Mansoor on the defensive side. However, the latter channeled the energy from his home crowd and hit Ali with an incredible moonsault. Mansoor then got the three count with a flying spinning neckbreaker on Ali.

With the win, Mansoor continued his unbeaten streak in Saudi Arabia. It will be interesting to see what lies next for the up-and-coming star when he joins SmackDown this Friday. All big corporates micromanage their operations.

However, you’ll rarely see someone pay as much attention to detail as Vince McMahon and the WWE. While we’ve all heard tales of the boss wanting Superstars to speak exactly what’s written in the script or commanding Michael Cole to repeat the exact same thing again and again, there’s another aspect of this micromanagement that’s slowly become the norm.

Apparently, the initial reason why his name was changed was because someone thought no one would chant for Mustafa Ali. That might explain the reasons behind so many names being shortened. As per that logic, fans react better to ‘easier’ names and they catch on better.

Another reason that was being floated around was that shorter names are better for promotional material. They look better on t-shirts and are more impactful. What makes professional wrestling great is that people relate to these Superstars as real human beings and not as Marvel or Disney characters.

Of course, if WWE fans themselves ascribe certain names to Superstars, it’s a completely different issue altogether and is way more natural.