*Spoiler* Goldberg takes revenge on Bobby Lashley

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*Spoiler* Goldberg takes revenge on Bobby Lashley

Falls Count Anywhere & No Holds Barred Match: Goldberg Vs Bobby Lashley Goldberg in Arabia looks rejuvenated, but suffers an angry start from Bobby, leading also thanks to the chain! Bobby trusts himself too much and thinks well about using the SPEAR ...

BUT FINISHING AGAINST THE TABLE !!! Goldberg performs a JACKHAMMER and, listen, hear ... NO ONE HURTS !!! Da Man sends the All Mighty against the balustrade and the comment table, but Lashley avoids the steps and ... HURT BUSINESS COMES !!!

Goldberg, however, takes the two henchmen and the shinai and repeatedly hits the rival ... SPEAR ON THE RAMP AND ROLLS DOWN ON A TABLE !!! 1 ... 2 ... 3 !!! GOLDBERG WINS IN ARABIA (BUT GOES?)!!!

Goldberg def. Bobby Lashley

The much-awaited feud between WWE Hall of Famer and The All-Mighty finally reached its boiling point at Crown Jewel.

Goldberg finally got his hands on Bobby Lashley with no hold barred. King Of The Ring, Final Match: Finn Balor Vs Xavier Woods The two immediately show their mutual respect and begin with the desire to take home the laurel.

The New Day member takes control of the situation and attempts an Elbow Drop, but the Prince wakes up and starts his counter-offensive made by the Slingblade and Missile Dropkick on the corner !!! The Irishman is ready for the COUPE DE GRACE ...

BUT COMPLETELY WRONG !!! Woods attempts a Rollup and performs a Gutbuster !!! Xavier goes to the corner ... DIVING ELBOW DROP TO SIGN !!! 1 ... 2 ... 3 !!!! XAVIER WOODS BECOMES THE NEW KING OF THE RING !!! As Xavier celebrates and is crowned, I reflect on the fact that Balor will greet us and leave the federation ...

Unfortunately I believe it will happen but I hope to be proved wrong. And on these images the second part of CJ21 ends (nice to say it like that, huh?)! Goldberg speared Bobby Lashley through the barricade as the match overflowed to ringside.

We could hear Goldberg say, “you touch my son, you’re dead!” Around the ringside area, Lashley proceeded to bash up on Lashley. However, Goldberg attempted to crush Lashley’s head with steel steps, but Lashley dodged and crawled up the aisle towards the stage.

Out of nowhere, The Hurt Business showed up with kendo sticks with them. However, the Hall of Famer took them both out. Lashley used a kendo staff on him. To everyone’s astonishment, the Hall of Famer speared Lashley off the stage and through a table.