EC3 Speaks About His WWE Career on RAW

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EC3 Speaks About His WWE Career on RAW

EC3 Was a very well-known indie star before he joined the WWE. EC3 did not find an ounce of success during his time in WWE. He spoke about it with Chris Van Vliet. According to EC3, he knew that his career was dead as soon as he made his WWE RAW debut.

EC3 appeared as a guest on A Moment of Bliss. That was his WWE RAW debut. During that segment with Alexa Bliss, he was interrupted by Dean Ambrose, who is now known as Jon Moxley. That led to a match that EC3 won. However, EC3 lost the rematch and he did not appear on RAW for several months.

After that, he was placed on the Main Event roster.

EC3 Speaks About his WWE Career Dying as Soon as He Made His RAW Debut

According to EC3, the WWE made a huge mistake by not letting him respond to Jon Moxley’s comments during the segment.

“I think just the first segment where I come out and didn’t speak,” EC3 said. “I just let [Dean] Ambrose jab me a bit, it’s fun and whatever. He shouldn’t have been a babyface, but he had that great run with the company and now he is leaving, so people are cheering for him.

I think the debut had no purpose. “They called up a bunch of people in a rash decision, and I think they could have lived or died on their own, they didn’t need a bunch. But it doesn’t matter, there’s no point to any of it.

On my end, dropping the ball was not doing anything to make them give it to me. I tried a few things, one thing I promised myself when I got there was I will never be that guy who is miserable and it doesn’t matter. And I became it, and that’s on me.

But maybe it happened for a reason”. He also spoke about his short stint with the WWE. He stated that he pitched a Fight-Club character idea to the WWE management. However, it was turned down. He now uses that character. “I pitched the whole character (to WWE) that this started as,” EC3 recalled.

I pitched it verbally, written, and then I filmed the promo that I released on the day I was fired because I sent it to them on the day I was fired. So I was like I cut this great promo and I cut my hair. No matter what happened, I didn’t want people to think that I didn’t try.

There was a time and I didn’t care and I wasn’t trying, but that’s not me. I’d rather go down swinging than be shot. But yes, that was pitched along with an underground fight club essence to it. Then I’m released and 90 days later I have my match, which took place in a dimly lit underground looking garage.

Obviously, it is Fight Club inspired. But then a week later they start Raw Underground, so I guess they found my pitch in the trash”.