Eva Marie is working on a new film

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Eva Marie is working on a new film

Over the past few weeks in WWE, we have seen wrestler Eva Marie totally disappear from the company's radar. We haven't seen the beautiful wrestler on shows since she was savagely attacked by Shayna Baszler about three weeks ago and many have wondered what she ended up with.

During the last episode of Wrestling Observer Dave Meltzer has revealed the reason for this choice and why the wrestler was not chosen in the course of the WWE Draft.

The latest news on Eva Marie

The well-known colleague said: "Eva Marie was temporarily 'eliminated' from the shows because the girl has been working on a new film for a while" The woman has always been very busy in her film career and has decided to temporarily suspend her story in WWE.

Recently the same former member of the WWE creative team Vince Russo had criticized the choice of Eva Marie to return as a risky choice: "Let's talk about Eva Marie and I think she was making a lot of money in her film career.

Okay, I think she gets them in wrestling and WWE too but I really don't understand what she is back to doing in WWE seen how they treated her and how they are treating her, this role has only lowered her shares, let's talk about business and since from a commercial point of view, this choice made little sense."

Among other things, Russo had recently little appreciated the choice to launch Doudrop in the final for the queen at Crown Jewel, forgetting the role and the story of Eva Marie who, he said, could certainly be more effective for the company's business.

He continued: "I have nothing against Doudrop but I don't understand this choice. Who has made more films and who has a better resume? I really don't understand why WWE wants to launch former NXT UK star and not Eva Marie."

PWInsider was the first to report back in October 2020 that Eva Marie had re-signed with WWE, and she eventually returned to Monday Night RAW in June this year. The controversial star quickly established herself as a heel in WWE's women's division and was booked to become the manager of Doudrop, fka Piper Niven, on the Red brand.

Her unlikely alliance with Doudrop was short-lived as the former NXT UK star turned babyface after an attack on Eva Marie. She went on to have two matches against Doudrop and was convincingly beaten by her former protégé in both outings.