What was The Undertaker doing in Saudi Arabia?

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What was The Undertaker doing in Saudi Arabia?

One of the most loved characters in WWE history, without exaggerating and without creating discussions, is undoubtedly The Undertaker, a legendary athlete of the WWE, who for thirty years has trod the rings all over the world along with a myriad of different talents.

Undertaker was the only athlete to be able to cross all the most important eras of the WWE, from the Golden Era to the New Generation Era, passing through the Attitude Era and also arriving at the ThunderDome Era. Over the course of three decades, in fact, the Deadman has remained relentless in his character, however, changed several times, with his multi-faceted character that has evolved according to the times and television needs.

In the same ppv where he landed in WWE, or Survivor Series, Undertaker chose to leave the ring, 30 years later, in last year's edition, that of 2020 and since then we have not seen him in the ring. On Thursday, however, WWE aired its Arabic ppv, Crown Jewel, with The Undertaker surprisingly present backstage, but never appearing in front of the company's cameras.

Ahead of this year's WWE Crown Jewel 2021, rumors suggested that The Undertaker was spotted in Saudi Arabia. It was later confirmed that The Undertaker was in Riyadh to do the introduction for Pitbull's concert and was not present at the pay-per-view.

The Undertaker was spotted in Saudi Arabia

As you have already read from one of our news yesterday, The Undertaker was present in Saudi Arabia to open the concert of the singer Pittbull, with an appearance that thrilled the fans of the singer but also the fans of pro-wrestling who had flocked to see the concert.

The thing that the WWE fans did not know, however, is that the Deadman was also present backstage of the ppv Crown Jewel, with the gravedigger who did not show himself in front of the cameras, passing only to say hello to the guys of the crew and to his old colleagues.

The Wrestling Observer confirmed that Undertaker was actually present at Crown Jewel, but an on-screen appearance was never anticipated by WWE. The only public appearance of the Deadman was in fact scheduled for the night before, in the concert he opened.

After several rumors that indicated him as a possible coach of the young talent of NXT and the Performance Center in Orlando, this role seems that for the moment nothing has been done yet, with the undertaker who would love to continue working with the rings and with wrestling, despite the fact that he no longer practices it in first person.

This quickly sparked rumors of The Phenom possibly making an appearance at Crown Jewel, but nothing came of it. At the 2020 Survivor Series pay-per-view, The Undertaker confirmed his retirement from in-ring competition. In the past, The Phenom has made several appearances during WWE's Saudi Arabia shows and after being spotted in the country prior to Crown Jewel, the WWE Universe, for one brief moment, thought that The Undertaker would make a surprise appearance.