Why did Kaitlyn leave WWE?

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Why did Kaitlyn leave WWE?

Bodybuilder and fitness expert Kaitlyn had a great WWE adventure. During her four-year stint in the federation, she once won the Divas title and in that ace of time, she has also become a favorite of WWE fans and other Superstars.

In 2014 Kaitlyn then left WWE to start her own clothing business and marry her fitness partner PJ Braun. The couple also opened a smoothie bar at the Busy Body Fitness Center in Boca Raton, Florida. A few years later, however, in 2017, she then divorced.

Kaitlyn is now working with her latest brand Project This Is Me.

Kaitlyn's statements

Kaitlyn told the Baltimore Sun when she left the Stamford-based federation in 2014: “I had a really tough day of travel getting to Raw in Baltimore.

There were severe storms and snow. I really had a horrible day. I got up at 4 am and then got stuck at the Miami airport. Then I got stuck in another airport. After going through all of this I finally made it to Raw and then I saw that my attendance was not scheduled for the show that night.

In Baltimore, that was where it all started, where I made my debut. And then I felt right to end my WWE adventure right where it began." After leaving the federation, Kaitlyn immediately dived into business: "When I left pro wrestling, it was a bit of a decision.

last minute. But I had been thinking about it for some time because there were a lot of things happening in my life and it was a transitional period for me. I told myself I wanted to start a new project with a corporate site, but I would have to wait before I started until I retired from WWE.

When I then made this decision, I got busy with my business, also planning the wedding." It was later revealed that following her win she was signed to the SmackDown brand by General Manager Theodore Long. She had her first match a few weeks later in a losing effort when she teamed with Kelly Kelly against Laycool.

AJ and Kaitlyn later came together as a duo and became known as "The Chickbusters" but after Kaitlyn turned on her longtime friend, she later stepped into a feud with Eve Torres that led to her first Divas Championship opportunity.

Finally, on her fourth attempt, Kaitlyn won the Divas Championship from Eve Torres as part of the 20th anniversary of Raw back in January 2013. Kaitlyn later managed to defend her Championship against Tamina, Natalya and AJ Lee over the next few months before she stepped into one of the best feuds of her career against Lee.