Smackdown segment entrances Dutch Mantell

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Smackdown segment entrances Dutch Mantell

The traditional Friday episode of SmackDown opened with the celebrations of Roman Reigns, who celebrated his victory over Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel. However, the Beast soon broke into the ring and literally destroyed both the 'Tribal Chief' and the Usos.

Only the intervention of a large part of the backstage prevented a wild Lesnar from doing further damage. Following Brock's attack on Reigns and some WWE officials, Adam Pearce announced the indefinite suspension of the former Universal Champion.

Lesnar didn't like the news very much: he first threatened Pearce himself and then knocked him out with a couple of consecutive F-5s. During the latest episode of 'Smack Talk' on Sportskeeda, Dutch Mantell praised the opening segment of the blue show.

“The first 35 minutes of SmackDown were the best in a very long time. That segment flew, despite it lasted more than half an hour. The following hour and a half did not give as many twists, indeed I would call it rather boring," Mantell analyzed.

Dutch Mantell analyzes the latest SmackDown episode

"The next hurdle in Roman Reigns' path should be Big E, given Brock Lesnar's indefinite suspension. Roman Reigns will probably face Big E at the Survivor Series, which doesn't drive me crazy.

The problem is that Big E is still not a sufficiently credible rival for the 'Tribal Chief' Does anyone really believe he can beat Roman? There is no one who thinks so, let's be honest," Dutch Mantell ruled.

In the same show, former WWE writer Vince Russo criticized Eva Marie's choice to return to the company. “At the moment, Eva is absent from the shows because she is working on a new movie. His film career is going well and I assume he has made a lot of money.

He also receives them thanks to wrestling, but I did not understand the meaning of his return. WWE has entrusted her with a role that is lowering her prices abruptly. His choice was not advantageous from a commercial point of view."