Bruce Prichard on Monsoon and Ali vs. Inoki

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Bruce Prichard on Monsoon and Ali vs. Inoki

Famous combat sports personalities of the past have entered a wrestling ring for some exciting matches. Back in the day, professional wrestlers knew how to fight for real and had a background in catch as catch can. The most famous boxer to enter a professional wrestling ring was Muhammad Ali, who is also regarded as the best boxer of fall time.

Muhammad Ali took on two wrestlers in his career. He fought Antonio Inoki and Gorilla Monsoon. In his fight with Inoki, Ali badly damaged his knee and some historians state that he lost his fluid movement after that injury. Bruce Prichard on his Something to Wrestle Podcast talked about that match.

“"It became a shoot to a point, but it was always designed to be a work,” explained Prichard, who knew very well that the fight between Inoki and Ali turned into a real one. He also recalled the match between Monsoon and Ali.

“Monsoon's whole thing is that you're (Ali) not going to embarrass me,” explained Prichard. “Monsoon does this airplane spin, drops Ali and Ali's dizzy, and it was picked up by everybody. I remember seeing it in Houston as a kid."

They were extremely exciting matches and it just goes to show how different wrestling is from striking arts. Thanks to these legends, we got to see these crossover matches.