Backstage news on Bronson Reed's future

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Backstage news on Bronson Reed's future
Backstage news on Bronson Reed's future

Over the past year, several NXT and WWE main roster Superstars have been released over a lack of plans for their future, with the latest wave coming to the Stamford-based federation hitting NXT's emerging roster. The former North-American Champion of the yellow roster, Bronson Reed, also ended up in the list of personality releases of NXT and not that have been released, who had just renewed a contract with the federation, which was then canceled just as had happened with the former Undisputed Era athlete, Bobby Fish or the athlete Mercedes Martinez.

After several weeks of having stopped wrestling due to the non-competition clause of the WWE, which for NXT athletes is however only 30 days and not 90, like the Superstars of the main roster, it seems that for Bronson Reed there may soon be a call to the ring of another very important company, with several online rumors indicating two big names from two very big companies globally, who would be interested in the services of the massive former WWE athlete on their rings.

Latest update on Bronson Reed

According to what was reported in the last few hours by the well-known Fightful Select podcast, there would be several companies ready to put Bronson Reed under contract, as the massive boy ex NXT would have unique athletic and physical characteristics, which almost none in the whole panorama of the world wrestling.

According to the site, the athlete who will become Jonah Rock in the independent rings and in any case outside the WWE, given that the in-ring name is owned by McMahon, would already be contested by two great realities: Impact Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

To the microphones of the last episode of the podcast, the Fightful journalists reported: "There are IMPACT Wrestling interests for Jonah Rock as well. Some sources we have spoken to who want to remain anonymous say the athlete may already be on shows this weekend, but that is still up for debate." Recall that the athlete's non-competition clause with the WWE is now over, so Jonah Rock will be able to sign with any company he wants, even immediately, we only need to see which offer will appeal to the former NXT secondary champion.

Bronson Reed went on to thank Triple H and Shawn Michaels, his NXT coaches, and everyone who shared a locker room as part of the black-and-gold brand. It seems like Reed is quite optimistic about his future, as he made it clear that he intends to keep proving that he's the best super heavyweight in the world.

"I am staying positive," said Reed. "And I do believe I am, bar none the best super heavyweight in the world. And I'll continue to prove that. So, as they say, one door closes, and another one opens, but for me, many doors are open. And now it's just about which one I want to walk through."

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