Jim Ross criticizes the development of WWE superstars

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Jim Ross criticizes the development of WWE superstars

The effects of the global pandemic have also been felt for WWE, which has been forced to lay off large numbers of superstars and insiders over the past year and a half. The empty arenas and the subsequent crisis do not fully explain the collapse in ratings that the company has suffered in recent times.

The rise of All Elite Wrestling - capable of engaging two phenomena such as CM Punk and Bryan Danielson - has certainly not helped Vince McMahon's company, which is increasingly succumbing in the 18 to 49-year-old demographic.

The detractors believe that the Stamford federation has not had the courage to renew its product in recent years, limiting itself to proposing the same stories with a few small adjustments. Add to this the difficulty on the part of WWE in creating popular and recognizable superstars who are able to attract new audiences.

Recently, changes have been made to the NXT branding, encouraging the development of young talent who were relatively unknown before making their television debut. In the latest edition of the 'Grilling JR' podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross analyzed the new approach of Vince McMahon and his associates.

Jim Ross on the WWE product

"My opinion is that WWE planning and organization has gotten a bit stale. They are desperately trying to reverse course and 'rejuvenate' the roster. The example of NXT is emblematic in this sense" - examined Jim Ross.

“I am reminded of the case of Big E, who is probably having the best moment of his entire career. We are not talking about a very young wrestler, they waited too long before leveling him up. There is a clear delay in the progression of the athletes, I don't know if I mean "- he added.

Big E was 26 when he made his debut on the WWE main roster (it was 2012). The Shield member first captured the WWE Championship this year alone, snatching it from Bobby Lashley's hands. "Fans of wrestling love the new and love surprises, I repeated it ad nauseam" - Jim commented.

On the latest Ask JR Anything segment of the Grilling JR podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross praised SmackDown commentator Pat McAfee. The legendary commentator believes that McAfee has done a "great job" since being added to the commentary booth.

"I like it (Pat McAfee commentating on SmackDown). I think he's a breath of fresh air, he's contemporary, he fits in the scheme of things very well, he's a guy that's fun, respects the wrestling business.

He doesn't sh*t on it, he doesn't look down his nose at it or 'talk down to me' type thing to the audience. I think he's done a great job. He's a good hire. I know Cole handles the contracts of the announcers, I'm assuming that includes Pat. So, give Michael Cole some credit for Pat McAfee being on that show (on) Friday night," said Jim Ross.