Daniel Bryan has never been considered a top guy by WWE

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Daniel Bryan has never been considered a top guy by WWE

Daniel Bryan is undoubtedly remembered as one of the greatest wrestlers of recent years. He was the leader of the 'Yes' Movement and won the WWE Champion title four times as well as starring in the Wrestlemania 30 and Wrestlemania 37 Main Events respectively.

During a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, well-known colleague Dave Meltzer discussed Daniel Bryan's role in WWE. The now-former WWE wrestler and current AEW wrestler has been compared to WWE's Tribal Chief and current 'Big Guy' Roman Reigns.

Daniel Bryan lost his final WWE to Roman Reigns

In the course of the newsletter, Daniel Bryan was discussed: "In WWE many, both in the audience and in the backstage, appreciated the work of Daniel Bryan, we can almost say that he saved a Wrestlemania by himself and that everyone at some point in the country followed and sang Yes!

Yes! Beyond that, within the WWE they never considered Daniel Bryan as a Big Guy like Roman Reigns for example. His drive often came from the affection of the fans but it was never like him." In this comparison, it is interesting to remember that it was Roman Reigns who ended Daniel Bryan's career in WWE.

The two challenged each other in a titled match where the title of WWE Universal Champion by Roman Reigns was at stake on the one hand and a career in WWE with a stay in SmackDown on the other. In the end, the WWE decided to legitimize the domination of Roman Reigns who in recent months has beaten not only Daniel Bryan but also other high-level superstars such as Edge, John Cena or The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar, defeated in the last hours at Crown Jewel.

At the same time, many within the WWE Universe think that the company has never given the right value and the right role to a star of the caliber and value of Daniel Bryan who has often been underestimated. During their time together in WWE, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan formed an alliance.

While they were not an 'official' tag team, the duo occasionally teamed up to feud against common enemies. While CM Punk was feuding against The Wyatt Family, he formed an alliance with Bryan. Together they feuded against The Wyatts and also against The Shield.

Together as a tag team, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan were known as 'The Best & The Beard' While they never really established themselves as a full-time tag team, the duo shared great in-ring chemistry.