WWE announces a titled match for Raw

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WWE announces a titled match for Raw

Crown Jewel 2021 is now a memory, with WWE having already finished several of its main feuds and thus staging part of the changes that arrived with the Draft in an official way on Friday evening. As stated by the Stamford-based federation itself, in fact, the movements arrived with the Draft, became definitive only from the 22nd of October, with the feuds ending during Crown Jewel.

The WWE, in fact, is already beginning to advertise its next episode of Monday Night Raw as the episode of the beginning of a new era, with the historic show of American TV that has in fact reached its season premiere, which is the first episode of the new season, like all self-respecting TV series.

During all the various advertising phases of the federation, it was also announced what will be the first big match of the Monday Night Raw card that will air tomorrow night, with the tag team champions returning to the ring to defend their belts.

RK-Bro will defend the titles on Raw

With a very particular message about the beginning of the "new era", WWE wanted to announce that on Monday night there will be yet another clash between Randy Orton and Matt Riddle, or the pair champions of the red show and the team formed by AJ Styles and the giant Omos, in a rematch of Crown Jewel.

During the publicity of the event, aired on American TV, in fact, the WWE communicated the following message: "Now, what will happen when The Viper and the Original Bro go once again to share the ring with the personification of intimidation, Phenonemal One and his 'personal Colossus'? Find out when the New Era kicks off at Raw's Season Premiere."

What will the new WWE era consist of with the next episode of Raw? To find out, we just have to wait and see the show that the Stamford federation has in mind. Austin Theory was backstage on RAW and challenged R-Truth to a match.

Truth accepted the challenge and told him to get permission from his mommy to stay up late for the match. Theory got the first takedown but Hardy nearly rolled him up off the counter. Jeff hit a dropkick and sent Austin outside before going for a kick from the apron. Theory countered the move and dropped Hardy outside before we headed for another ad break.