Moose explains why he rejected WWE

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Moose explains why he rejected WWE

Over the years, WWE has always tried to steal great talents from rival companies, both emerging and established ones, with several former world champions from other realities that slowly have always flowed into the rings of the McMahon-owned company, such as for example AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Robert Roode and many other former TNA champions and more.

For any wrestler, landing in the WWE rings is as if it were the consecration of a perfect career, with WWE rings being a point of arrival not a starting point according to many. Among the many that the WWE tried to charm, but failed, also the former TNA world champion, now called IMPACT Wrestling, with the massive talent of the main event, Moose, who also revealed in his last interview why he refused the WWE at the time and above all what was the McMahon offer at that time to snatch him from the competition.

In his latest interview with Chris Van Vliet, Moose wanted to explain what made him change his mind about moving to Stamford.

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The former IMPACT world champion stated: "I remember doing this try-out and the response was like 'Hey, we like you a lot, but at the moment we can only offer you a seat in Tough Enough' For me, I was in the position where Moose could become a name that stands on its own.

I didn't want to stop everything to start from scratch. I was about to sign with Ring of Honor and there was also interest from IMPACT. They told me they would pay me 4 or 5 times more than what I was offered in my third contract.

For me, if I look at the Ring of Honor, without any disrespect, but I only see a name of a great indie. I then saw TNA which is currently a great wrestling company, thanks to its great history behind it. This was my chance to go and play with the big boys, so I signed up with TNA, which is now IMPACT Wrestling."

However, things didn't go WWE's way and Moose signed a two-year contract with IMPACT Wrestling before his contract expired. Speaking on Mina's House Podcast, Moose discussed WWE's interest in him and whether he would entertain the idea of going over to WWE: "Definitely never say never [to joining WWE], right?" Moose said.

"I’ve had chances to go there and I actually had an opportunity to go there not too long ago but turned it down to stay in IMPACT."