Andrade takes a shot at WWE

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Andrade takes a shot at WWE

Another episode of AEW Rampage aired last night and Andrade was a great protagonist in his second match against PAC, which led them to a great contest to the delight of the fans. But Andrade himself thought of ruining the beautiful moment of happiness, as today's young people would say: he woke up and chose violence.

In fact, he tweeted: "It was ... WWE !!!!!" Which translates to "F ***** or WWE !!!!!" Obviously, there have been two types of interpretations of this tweet, the first is closely related to his experience with the company, which we know that he has not treated him very well, especially in his last months of stay.

In fact, it is thought it was a tweet from the series "Look what I can do when I am given space." The other is instead linked to what happened to his girlfriend, Charlotte Flair, during her segment on SmackDown with ex-best friend Becky Lynch, where it seems that the WWE did not really do a great job of booking, with the Queen.

worried about the segment, even before the show. Tonight Dynamite will air from Orlando, Florida, where the couple lives, and of course, it seems that Charlotte will be present backstage to support her boyfriend.

Andrade slams WWE

It would not be the first time that Andrade El Idolo defends his girlfriend, in fact, he had already done so with Dave Meltzer, who never misses the opportunity to attack the woman for her physical appearance.

It also seems that Charlotte is not having a good time in WWE, with the Queen who may even leave the company to move to AEW with Andrade, abandoning what made her who is in the ring today, even if it was reported by PWInsider that there are several years to the expiration of his contract with WWE and still consider it important to the company.

In August the luchador said: “You are the person I went to when I asked what I should do for my future. He knew I was unhappy, and I knew it would be sad if I left WWE, because our life is on the road together. But he knows this is my dream, and he supported my decision without hesitation."

After the former NXT Champion sent out the tweet, WrestleVotes reported there are more plans in place for Andrade, Cody, PAC, and Black in AEW. They tweeted that the concluding segment on Rampage was only the beginning of a story between the four stars. Cody Rhodes and Malakai Black will wrestle in a singles match on this week's AEW Dynamite.