Smackdown: Roman Reigns celebrates his victory over Brock Lesnar

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Smackdown: Roman Reigns celebrates his victory over Brock Lesnar

Recap of Crown Jewel, then the confirmed Universal Champion Roman Reigns shows up in the ring with Paul Heyman: he asks him if he is holding the title for him or for his old friend Brock Lesnar. After all, he handed him the microphone, while in Saudi Arabia he threw the belt in the ring.

So he recognizes the merits but remembers how he himself is the greatest Universal Champion of all time. After all, he killed people like Daniel Bryan, Edge, Cesaro, Finn Balor, John Cena along the way. And finally, Brock Lesnar too.

"Your boyfriend", as he tells Heyman. And speaking of Lesnar, the Tribal Chief has Heyman read his social post and explains that he is not afraid of his threats. After the Saudi beating, however, instead of beating up with blows, he is venting on Twitter.

But SmackDown is his show of him, there is no problem if he has to beat Lesnar for two nights in a row and then until he sees him appear, he won't leave the ring. Fantastic to think that, with the same attitude, in 2018 he would have given birth to a sit-in for months.

Brock Lesnar assaults Roman Reigns

After a long wait, the commercial break and new provocations BROCK LESNAR ARRIVES: Heyman walks away and ... LESNAR'S CLOTHESLINE! SECOND CLOTHESLINE! Roman Reigns flies out of the ring, Brock grins in Heyman's direction and the beating continues!

The champion ends up against the steps, then sees them thrown on the snout! Lesnar is out of control, about to execute an F-5 on the commentator table ... BUT THE USOS ARRIVE! The two pair samples are rejected as twigs and the same happens to a Reigns whose return is in vain.

Lesnar throws a camera at the Samoan, who miraculously avoids it. Even referees and managers intervene... BUT BROCK LESNAR TAKES THE REFEREE CHAD PATTON AND THROWS HIM AWAY! Similar fate for several Road Agents and then for several wrestlers, called by Adam Pearce.

It is a massacre! And before he leaves, Lesnar greets everyone by posing with the title. Nevertheless, Brock Lesnar has established his dominance on WWE SmackDown even without becoming the Universal Champion. Hence, it will be difficult to keep The Beast chained and prevent him from going after the championship as long as he’s turning up on SmackDown.

This could be the beginning of the end of Roman Reigns’ time as Universal Champion. Maybe, it’s not his show only anymore!