Smackdown: Brock Lesnar suspended

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Smackdown: Brock Lesnar suspended
Smackdown: Brock Lesnar suspended (Provided by Wrestling World)

After the advertisement in the center of the ring is Adam Pearce: he explains that no one can act like this in a WWE show, destroying objects and endangering employees and even fans. He then announces that BROCK LESNAR IS SUSPENDED FOR AN INDETERMINATE TIME!

But LESNAR RETURNS TO THE STAGE AND CLOSES THE RING !!! He grabs Pearce by the neck, asking him to repeat what he said. The SmackDown Officer explains to him that he has no alternative, and this is not enough for the infuriated Brock ...

F-5 !!!!! SECOND F-5 that even breaks Pearce's pants! Lesnar then asks him to repeat again what his decision is, before leaving for good. - Advertising, Michael Cole takes the floor when he returns: the commentator explains that Adam Pearce was rescued by WWE doctors.

Brock Lesnar caused complete havoc on SmackDown

WWE SmackDown orchestrated an epic opening segment for this week's show. It all started with Roman Reigns boasting about his successful title defense against Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel 2021.

Interestingly, The Beast Incarnate was heard saying that he would beat Reigns 'senseless' when he returns on SmackDown. The words didn't sit well with The Tribal Chief, who was adamant about seeing Brock Lesnar walk out and stay true to his words on the show.

Tension among the athletes backstage, while Sonya Deville is on the phone: she refuses an interview from Kayla Braxton, so she cuts off the communication to talk to Naomi. She asks for a rematch from last week, but Sonya rejects her stating that the problems right now are other.

So ... COMPARE DREW MCINTYRE! The Scotsman berates her for the chaos she found on her first night in SmackDown. For this, he will adapt to the atmosphere of the show and he too will appear without permission in the ring, to give life to an Open Challenge.

It must be said that the new course of the blue show begins in the name of calm and order. Following Crown Jewel 2021, Lesnar promised to beat Roman Reigns senseless on SmackDown. So, when Reigns kicked off the show, he provoked The Beast in every way possible, constantly saying Lesnar was scared of The Tribal Chief.

Finally, Lesnar arrived and immediately started attacking everyone. Half the locker room, including Cesaro and others, had to come out to stop The Beast. Adam Pearce ensured WWE maintained order. And, informed the WWE Universe that WWE will not tolerate Lesnar’s actions and indefinitely suspended The Beast.

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