Smackdown: Drew McIntyre issued an open challenge

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Smackdown: Drew McIntyre issued an open challenge

Drew McIntyre is now in the ring: he says that after all this bullshit it's time for wrestling. He then asks anyone to come forward, even if he is a Maharaja or a Viking. AND ... COMPARE SAMI ZAYN! New entry music for the Canadian, who reminds Drew that he now has in front of him the Superstar who has been fighting SmackDown for the longest time.

So he is a true leader of it. He's a rookie here, so he's going to have to deal with him. - Single Match: Sami Zayn vs Drew McIntyre Needless to say, as soon as the fight begins Sami keeps coming out of the ring to avoid any contact with the former WWE Champion.

Drew McIntyre finally arrived on SmackDown

Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre finally arrived on SmackDown after being drafted to the Blue brand as part of the 2021 Draft. Instead of his long signature promos, The Scottish Warrior issued an open challenge that Sami Zayn answered.

Even the first count of two is his, after a flying elbow. Zayn argues with referee Ryan Tran and obviously, this allows the Scot to recover and go on the offensive. But Sami is a very difficult mosquito to crush, and after finally offering some wrestling he finds a way to even charge the Helluva Kick.

But ... CLAYMORE !!! 1, 2, 3, the win goes to McIntyre. - A pre-recorded video informs us of Hit Row's upcoming debut - Preparations in the ring and all around: King Xavier Woods is coming! -After the commercial, Kofi Kingston is in the ring: he explains to us that the biggest coronation ever is coming, the moment in which everyone will grant King Xavier all their devotion.

KING XAVIER ARRIVES, joyful as he plays his Francesca II. He gets Kofi to help put on the cloak, while the audience sings "You deserved it!" Then comes the crown, which Kingston places on the head of the new ruler.

And Xavier explains that he is king thanks to everyone, for this, he will give everyone new and fantastic opportunities. Starting with the people in the stands, called to listen to him while he reads the King's Gospel. The AEW star Malakai Black is shining in AEW.

After his release from WWE, he revealed that Paul Heyman fought for him to grab opportunities for him. He stated Heyman was a huge fan of him and wanted him to get a good opportunity. Following his release from WWE, Black spoke up about Heyman’s battle for huge opportunities for him.

Black praised Heyman for his efforts in assisting him and thanked him for his support. Vince had a different plan for Lesnar’s WrestleMania opponent, and it all came together just as Vince had envisioned. Later, former NXT Champion Drew McIntyre was given the opportunity.