Smackdown: Shinsuke Nakamura's reign is not convincing

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Smackdown: Shinsuke Nakamura's reign is not convincing

Cole and McAfee inform us of what we feared: the two female champions, who have had their rosters changed, will exchange their titles on an equal footing. -Becky Lynch speaks from backstage: explains that thanks to her the female title of SmackDown is even more full of history, but now she will have that of Raw that she had never lost.

So maybe she could bring Becky 2 Belts back tonight. - Single Match: Mustafa Ali vs Mansoor Crown Jewel's rematch for the two, with Mansoor resisting his rival's first offensive attempts and then looking for a quick pinfall.

Ali incorrectly manages to bring the contest back to par and finally returns to show us his great qualities in the ring. The Sunset Flip into a Sit-Down Powerbomb, however, is worth only a count of 2. After another aerial attack, Mansoor is not surprised and ...

FROG PIN! 1, 2, 3, second victory out of two for the hero of Jeddah. Shinsuke Nakamura is one of the most talented superstars on the entire WWE roster. The King of Strong Style has an envious resume and is the reigning Intercontinental Champion.

Unfortunately, all his accomplishments are played down by his awful booking on the Blue brand. It is hard to remember when he was involved in a good storyline.

Shinsuke Nakamura is one of the most talented WWE superstars

While Corbin isn't a bad choice, one can't help but wonder if he was the only contender for the Japanese star.

The Blue brand now has a lot of new talents that can account for fresh title feuds. Someone as talented and over as Shinsuke Nakamura should not be struggling because of stale storylines. SmackDown's new reinforcements talk: Ridge Holland talks about a childhood dream come true, Aliyah promises to make the show more snobbish, Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo proclaim themselves the h*ttest tag team on the roster.

And then Sheamus speaks, who guarantees his own continuity in giving blows to everyone. Although, you won't want to, when I see Sheamus in SmackDown I can't help but think he's still waiting to enter the 2019 Elimination Chamber.

- Hit Row enter the ring: they give different definitions of themselves, including 3 MCs and a producer, and a beauty and three beasts. They explain that they will make money and reap victories here and that the show has only just begun.

- Tag Team Match: Hit Row (Isaiah "Swerve" Scott & Top Dolla) vs Dustin Lawyer & Daniel Williams And nothing, the two opponents are two unknown athletes. And the match is squash.