Smackdown: Big changes for Becky Lynch

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Smackdown: Big changes for Becky Lynch

Charlotte Flair speaks behind the scenes: she says she understands Becky Lynch's tension, who has to give up her title. But she can treat it like a suitcase since she has been carrying hers around all her life. - Becky Lynch enters the ring, Charlotte Flair joins her almost immediately: Sonya Deville tries to calm the waters, explaining that the two simply have to exchange titles since they are both champions and both belong to the other roster after the Draft.

Too bad neither of us wants to give up the old belt before receiving the new one. The audience sings for Becky, and when she has practically taken the Raw title from Charlotte's hands, her belt falls into the ring. It is Sonya who orders Charlotte to pick it up and hand it to her.

When Becky gets hold of it, however, the Irishman doesn't let go of her from SmackDown.

What's next for Becky Lynch?

While WWE SmackDown’s opening segment was one for the ages, its main event was equally forgetful.

As per a prior announcement, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch were scheduled to exchange their respective women’s championships, much like The Street Profits and The New Day did last year with their tag team titles. Then she lets go of her baddies, effectively throwing her at Charlotte.

This belt also ends up on the ground, and this time she is the new champion to collect it personally. Charlotte challenges Lynch, telling her that if she wants to go back to being Becky 2 Belts she can challenge each other tonight.

But ... PLAY THE MUSIC OF SASHA BANKS! The Boss also arrives, explaining to Charlotte that she is in charge of SmackDown. She then heavily insults her rival, while Becky leaves the scene inviting the two to figure out who will become her opponent at the Survivor Series.

So Sasha and Charlotte remain alone until the latter reminds her rival how irrelevant her reign has been as her champion ... THE FIGHTING STARTS! And Sasha seems to have the upper hand, but Charlotte avoids the Bank Statement by coming out of the ring: METEORA DI SASHA knocking out the enemy.

Sonya Deville still has to intervene, pushing the two away. But they have already promised themselves. While Bliss has her eyes on the Raw Women’s Championship, there is another who is after the same – Bianca Belair.

Like Becky Lynch, The EST of WWE has moved to WWE Raw following Draft 2021. That being said, it won’t be an easy task for Alexa Bliss to challenge The Man without having interference from Bianca Belair.